Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back to normal today...kinda

Depending on what you consider normal?

Normal for me is waking up late, hoping to get some kind of food into Cutie Pie and shipping her out to preschool. (this is one benefit of homeschooling!)

Then I got the older kids to clear the table and get working on their school. Then I had blog time!!

I went through some serious withdrawal while the computer was away this weekend and I had to just totally overdose on the surfing. I couldn't sleep last night after getting home from work and I found some really cool blogs that I am going to share with you today. I didn't go to bed until at least 2am and then I was up for another hour and a half. I just couldn't calm my brain down!! (this is why I shouldn't work so late)

So first I went to my blog and started going through the links on one of my past TT's to update my favourites again. (since this is a new computer and I couldn't figure out how to save them) So first place I went was Shash's and Lala's. After theirs I headed over to Trying To Catch Up and read about the blog olympics and realized I was there on the right day, so I headed over to craziequeens palace and while waiting for the training event to happen I clicked on her link to audition at Wendy's Whimsies place. I have been stuck there ever since!!

I have read so many more interesting blogs from Wendy's auditions. What a neat idea!! Here are a few of the ones I have visited... No Average Girl (I had been here before but didn't have a link to her, now I do!); What Would Jesus Blog; Val's Thoughts and More; In My Jammies; He Set My Life To Music.

That is all I can remember right now. You should check some of them out sometime. I know, I know...that is an awful lot of time on the internet, well...I am out again tonight and will come home and watch American Idol and hopefully got o bed before 3am tonight.

Tomorrow our kids have their AWANA awards. Princess is so excited, she is moving to T&T next year and she finished every Sparks book plus the reviews, 2 out of 3 extra yellow books and had almost perfect attendance. She is going to be getting a Sparky Plaque which is exciting for her to see the fruits of her labour! Mr. Hockey did really well this year. He is in T&T and worked really hard to get almost all the way through the first book. He had a hard time with the memorizing last year so was aiming to finish his book this year. he is one section away, so next year he should be able to finish it quickly and get his second book. When he was preparing for the last night of trying to complete sections he had to recite 8 (I think) verses he had learned previously. I was helping him to find the shorter easier ones and he wanted to do this really long one from the beginning of the year. I asked him if he could say it and he rattled it off. i couldn't believe it. here I was thinking that he was struggling so hard but what he is memorizing is really there, even months later. I am so proud of him!! Cutie Pie was in Cubbies this year, and is on her way to Sparks. She loves going out and feels like such a big girl when she goes. She really tries to memorize the verses and loves going to be with her friends. Sparks will be different next year for her since she moves on and her friends don't. She is one year older then most of them and they won't be moving on until the year after.

But, I am going to go now, I gotta get some dinner ready, just make the potatoes and the veggies. Leftovers is the rest of it, nice and easy!)


  1. Busy day!

    I, too, love the "getting up late" part of homeschooling :-)

  2. I wish I could get up late. :) Wendy directed me here today.

  3. Isn't 8am getting up late? You'll have to share with me what you learned through the Blog Olympics and how to add cool things to my site!

  4. Just dropping by to say hi and thanks so much for taking part in this months auditions.
    Thanks for the nice write up as well.
    The results are posted and remember to keep checking back as it is a regular occurance.

  5. oh man I was up till 1:30 this morning...I sewed till 12 and then couldn't shut my brain down!! guess I get pretty intense when I am sewing cuz it took a while to unwind!!

  6. Thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp, Congratulations on your bronze medal! I've posted the overall standings.