Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It is hot...

So, we have had an extreme amount of heat going on here in Southern Ontario. People have air conditioners on, but we haven't put ours in yet. I am thinking ahead to the summer when it will be running non-stop all day long and trying to conserve until then.

I don't find it too bad, we just keep cooling off outside with the hose is all. Homeschooling is on hold cause we are having too much fun outside and who knows when it is going to freeze over again???

Hubby and I enjoyed some quiet time on the porch last night. We have a swing and after the kids were in bed we just sat out there and enjoyed talking again, no interruptions!!

It would have never happened if we had a/c. So really I don't miss it as much as people think I should!!

Anyhow, checking out lots of cool new blogs through Wendy's auditions today. Meeting some new and interesting people there too. You should check out the fun Click here.

I also started taking an online HTML course. I found a free one and it is so basic and easy to understand. I have lots of new found knowledge now. I can't wait until I can personalize my blog here!!

Gonna run and check out another site from Wendy's...


  1. Thanks for the visit Ruth. Isn't Wendy's fun? I'm going myself in a moment!

  2. that's great......your up and down weather out East is a little scary to me!!!
    did C have her baby?? been waiting to hear!

  3. I never think of Ontario as getting HOT HOT, but I guess it does! Our summers here in California's cetral valley get into the 100's F all summer. We didn't have A/C until last year - what a difference!

    Thanks for stoping by my blog via wendy's.