Monday, January 16, 2006

Finally Going to Bed

So, today we had church in the morning and then we came home this afternoon and started to get ready for my husbands brother and family to come over. We had a really nice visit with them. My hubby cooked the whole meal, (I made the salad, open the bag, dump into bowl, throw out bag!!). It was great. We had ribs, chicken, rice and veggies.

After supper we played a game of rummy. I still can't win, even when we play with different people, oh well, it was fun.

I also had to write out what I was going to say at my grandmas funeral tomorrow. It turned out to be a lot harder then expected. Even when you know it is better for someone to go on to heaven, it is still hard to accept. So...after many tears and a good friend helping me out (emotionally too), I have finished what I am going to say. I may post it here tomorrow, I will see how I feel.

So now, I need to get and keep the courage of standing in front of peole, but I think I am going to do just fine!! I know God will help me to get through this!!

While writing this speech, I thought so much about life and death. My kids and how they deal with things, what do I want to be remembered for...

Wow, talk about soul searching!!

Life is an amazing thing that so many people just throw away, when they leave this earth what is left? I really want people to remember what I did, and who I was. I want to impact as many people as my grandma did. I want there to be ripples of love and acceptance, kindness and joy, laughter and happiness, that follow me everywhere I go!!

Well, I will most likely be back tomorrow to write some more. I really need to get to bed since we are leaving bright and early for the funeral!!

Good Night everyone.


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