Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hamster Hijinks pt deux and my day

Ok, so remember the hamster story?? Well last night (Friday) we were sitting at our dining room table playing game with a friend. I heard a noise.

So I got up to go and see. Our house is full of mice, it is an old house 70-80 years I think. We have learned that we moved into their house!! They don't bug us and we don't bug them. So I wasn't sure if the noise I was hearing was a mouse or the hamster.

I was in the back hallway. Anyone who knows me knows that my house is a bit cluttered (lived in) and the back hallway is never a priority to clean. No one goes back there, right? And it is not insulated, so it is freezing back there right now.

I heard a rustling in the pantry, I was freaked that it might be a mouse so I called dh to come and check. Sure enough, there was Patches, crawling across the floor. (I was surprised he hadn't frozen to death!!)

This was around midnight. The same time he always comes back. So we put him back in his cage and gave him some more food and water and he went to sleep peacefully.

This hamster is never going to leave our house!!

Onto the rest of the day. I have decided that our counter is gross. Someone had painted over the tile before we moved in. The paint has slowly been deteriorating and starting to have some bad water damage (yucky black mould). We have been working on trying to keep it clean and do most of our food prep on the dining room table.

Well, we are attempting to have ladies group at our house again. Hopefully we will all be healthy and we won't have to cancel again. But I really want to have the counter in the kitchen looking decent and would like to at least start working in the bathroom.

I had a bright idea (it was thought about before but I was not into wanting to do it then) to use our heat gun and scrape the paint off the counter. I started this morning. It is so easy and there is some really nice light brown tile underneath. It really isn't that bad.

Some of the tiles on the counter are cracked, actually quite a few around the sink area. So I thought that maybe we would take out the cracked ones and a few of the good ones and buy a complimentary colour. We would basically rearrange it as a mosaic looking coutner for the time being.

I need to know if this is really hard to do and if I am just dreaming or not!!

Then a friend called later on and invited me to a dinner show put on by a local christian school. It was really fun, those kids do an awesome job. It was really nice to get out of the house a bit tonight. I really enjoyed my visit with her and the program and food were greta too!!

Thanks Lisa!!

Now I am home, I need to head to bed shortly. Dh and I are teaching Sunday School tomorrow. We are learning about the country of Australia and New Zealand. Then tomorrow night we go back and enjoy Australian food for dinner, that we all attempt to cook. I really enjoy doing this stuff, it reminds me how much I am still learning!!

I hope everyone has a great night and rest of the weekend.


  1. I'm glad to hear Patches has returned. My nieces further north have a hamster named "Kitty", they keep his cage locked with a padlock because he escapes so much, even ending up in the duct work by the furnace... good thing it was summer!
    Thanks for coming lastnight, it was great to have you and your mom along with us. And I'm so happy that your mom won the floral centerpiece! Makes sure she waters the oasis... that's the gardener in me....

  2. Your patches reminds me of our Harry Houdini. A padlock sounds like a great idea, unless the mice get the combination. Maybe the mice knocked the book down that night. Very entertaining story!
    About the counter - your doing it so, it's do able. You can do it Bob the builder sais you can. You'll need to re grout. Enjoy, I can't wait to see it.
    Big Red