Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ok, I am frustrated, here is my rant!

Alright, well, I was going to do a whole post on valentines day and the different stories that go along with it, but I will just give you the link

I am so frustrated with the unemployment system here. Dh applied on January 13 for benefits. No problem. He has been filling out his reporting cards and everything.

The phone messages, where you can check the status of the claim, said they would make a decision by Feb. 13. No problem. So Feb. 13 comes along and we phone and it says they are doing everything in their power to make a decision asap. No problem. So dh calls on Monday to see if he can get any further. No such luck, someone will phone you back. No phone call.

So on Tuesday we phone and check the status. It now says that they received the application on January 16 but have not yet made a decision. So he phones again to see if he can get anywhere with someone else. They will phone him back. This is becoming a problem.

Today, Wednesday, we phone the message and it says we have received your claim but a payment has not been issued. Yay, does that mean we are going to get one soon? (Lots of bills to pay this month and a mortgage soon too) So he calls and asks what the message means.

Here is the problem. While he was waiting for UI to start or not, he went and got trained to drive a bus (those who have read the blogs here will know this already). This is apparently a bad thing to do while waiting. Did you know that he should have got the training approved by UI before he started his training? (It is going to give him a job and he will in turn receive less UI!!)

They told him he needs to go into the office and fill out the right form and then WAIT, yes I said WAIT 3 more weeks to see if it is all ok to go ahead with.

He filled out a report card 2 weeks ago and said that he had started training. Not going to lie about that, it is a good thing. They couldn't call him after that about the problem 2 weeks ago, or 1 week ago, or on Monday, or on Tuesday, or on Wednesday...He had to call them.

Don't you love the bureaucrats??

So, here we are now. Waiting and seeing what is going to happen to us, our house, our heat and hydro, our vehicle...all because they don't know what they are doing and it was apparently a bad thing for my husband to try to better himself and get a credential behind him so he doesn't have to be on the system.

Sorry for the crappy post, but I had to rant somewhere.


  1. I believe the purpose of a blog, although I don't have one... is to share your thoughts and feelings, the good the bad and the ugly, so rant away, it doesn't bother me.
    I wish I could help you, and I certainly understand your frustration. I will be praying that all comes together quickly and your bills and mortgage gets paid on time.

  2. hey not a bad blog that is what it is for....rant away.... as for UI, yes I have had my share of frustration with them before as well.....I hate all the places where if you pay 1 day late you get a $50 fine and then like 8% interest per day but if they owe you $$$ they can take all the time in the world!!