Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday thoughts

Yay, so all the ladies came over to my house last night. We had a great time together (we always do!!).

I have never been the best housekeeper, but I have really been inspired to keep it cleaner, work on it all the time, since we have our new counter. I know, the counter again. But it really does make a difference.

I feel like keeping the kitchen clean because I don't want to ruin the counter. I really have enjoyed the house looking organized, and it has made such a difference in how we all behave here. When our house is clean and organized, my mind feels that way too. I want to have people over more often, I love having guests, so this is good.

I am also very excited to be going away this weekend coming up. I don't go away very often without at least 1 child (I have 4 remember) so this is a real treat for me. If you read in my previous posts I had a big dilemma about making the decision to go. We have all talked (the whole family) about what the Walk to Remember really means to us. It is something that we have always done, since 2001. But was it for us? Did we really need this? We celbrate Angel's birthday together, we celebrate Christmas and always remember her and we go to the cemetery on monthers and fathers day, sooo, wat this walk emotionally important for us?

We really had a good talk about it. We decided that it isn't something that we always have to be a part of, and that it is ok to move on from here. We needed support in the past but feel that there is a change happening again. I guess that is how grief works itself out. I dodn't know it would really take this long though...

So, now I can be excited about going away. I can enjoy my time there with friends and God and feel peaceful knowing that I am not going to come home to an upset household. Dh (nickname - Mr. Bus Driver, time for us to get nicknames since this blog thing is happening for real!!) may be going with the 2 younger kids still, and if that is what he needs then that is ok too. The 2 older kids are going to Ottawa and Quebec to visit relatives that weekend sooo...

I gotta run, helping my uncle move today.


  1. I am glad that you are able to see that you are changing...change is good!! and I am excited to meet you this weekend!!! ahhhh only 3 more sleeps yeah
    and I hear you on the house cleaning thing...not real good at it myself.....though I try, it never seems to stay done!!! the 4 kids might have something to do with it!!!

  2. Yeah, I think it may be the 4 kids too, but on a happy note, my house has been clean now for almost a week. The kids love pulling jobs out of the hat and have really kept up their areas!!