Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yes , I am doing a post on hockey...only because the LEAFS WON!!! I really don't care much about hockey, but I greaw up in Toronto so I HAVE to cheer for them. but Mr. BD is a Montreal fan...BIGTIME!! We are the ones driving around here with the 2 different flags flying on our vehicle. We get the strangest looks for some reason!!! HAHAHA

No, he said the game was fixed, the guys were paid off. Montreal got way too many penalties in the second period and Tonronto didn't get enough...

Tell me what you thought.

I also missed The Amazing Race, (found out who is gone when I found the link, but still was it a good night?) because of the hockey game. Who was the last? Was it an elimination round? Was the show any good? What did I miss, what did I miss????


  1. go Canucks go
    go Canucks go

    oh that wasn't listed was it......oh well

    go Canucks go

  2. Patouie (spitting sound) on the Canucks!!! No just kidding, I just go for Toronto because it makes for a fun house on Hockey Night in Canada!! Just don't tell my husband!!