Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a Wednesday

So, I just got home from the Doctors office. I took Pooky in because about a week ago she started to get a croupy cough. We have dealt with quite a bit of croup and know how to handle it. We would bundle her up and take her for a walk in the cool air. Mr. Hockey had it all winter long as a baby, so this is just second nature, right?

No, on monday night she started to have yellow, goopy discharge from her eyes. So we made an appointment for today. She has sinusitis again. This is the 3rd time for this in 4 months. It is crazy.

I asked the dr what I can do to prevent this from coming again. There is nothing.

Well, we are just going to continue praying for health and continual healing in her body. Good news though, she gained 3 pounds since December. I didn't get a funny look from the dr this time!! She is now 18 pounds. By far the smallest baby we have had!

The post that I tried to put up the other day but it got eaten, was about taking the kids to Wal-Mart to see Dora, Spongebob (who we really don't like or promote in our home ever since we watched it and heard that they were going to go on a "panty raid"!!) and Patrick. Shash told us about it and our Cutie Pie LOVES Dora so off we traipsed. We picked up my VERY pregnant sister and her son on the way and then proceeded to stand in line for 1 hr and 15 minutes. For what? A quick snapshot with the characters, no visiting, no hugging, the lineup was too long.

What a WASTE OF TIME!! (though I did find a very cute pair of pink boots for Princess)

I also want to thank Lisa for her great suggestion on how to deal with arguing girls!! Yesterday Princess and Cutie Pie decided to get into an arugument and they both ended up hitting each other. I told them to go into the bathroom and work out the problem. They would not be able to come out until it is worked out and they can play nicely again. They did, and continued to play well together for the rest of the day. I would never have thought of doing this. I wondered if they would end up pummeling each other in there, but no...

It was also Princesses birthday yesterday. We just did a fun little family party. She wanted to make her own cake I will put the recipe in the next post. It si soooo good!! We did lunch and cake and then headed out to see a movie. We saw The Shaggy Dog. I thought it was going to be a bit lame, but it was actually pretty cute.

For her real party we are going to Chuck E. Cheese. She has wanted to go there forever. We told her that the only way she could go is if she invited only 2 people. We are going to try to do it cheap!! (I will let you know if it really happens!!)

So that is a bit of what has been happening here.


  1. standing in line that long...I don't even want to think what my state of mind would be after that!!!

    and yea for the bathroom trick!! I am defenitly going to try it!!

    I am taking the girls to the Aquarium today...something to do in SB! and they want to see Shaggy Dog too...thanks for the tip!