Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Writing a resume.....

So, I have an opportunity to get a temporary job. It would be for May and June only. The job would be for an assistant to a supervisor (which would happen to be by mom!!) I could work a total of 100 hours and get paid VERY well. We could really use this money.

On Friday afternoon, I am going to the office to write a test. I have to pass this test in order to get the job. I have checked out some of the sample questions on the website, but I got thrown off by some of the number logic ones. I am going to have to STUDY!!!

So, I have to bring with me a resume and 2 supervisor references.

I have not held an outside job for almost 12 years. I figured that for my 2 references, I would use my Pastor and one of my daycare parents. That will have to do for that.

I need to do my resume now. How far back do I list my jobs? I can go all the way to 1990/1991 I think, and that only gives me one page.

Somehow I need to figure out how to put my life experience on a resume. I organize my childrens homeschool years, I help to organize the Sunday school at our church, I am a volunteer for many things at our community centre, I have also been doing home daycare for about 8 years now... These are all very valid things I think, but I am not sure how to format them on the actual resume.

I am going to spend some time playing around with it all. If any of you have suggestions, please...PLEASE let me know.

I am so nervous about doing this, but I know I need to!!


  1. hmmmmmmm I don't know it has been a really long time for me too!! I worked for my parents for 11 years so.......I didn't really need a resume! but shash is really good at that kind of thing

  2. ruth, just wanted to say thank you for your words of encouragment and your prayers on our behalf. it's wonderful knowing that you are being lifted up to our Father, during these time. may you be blessed.

    hope things go well with the resume. i know it's difficult to attempt to get back into the "working" world after taking such a long break. i'll be checking back to see how things are going.


  3. You're dad should be able to give you pointers, doesn't he look over lots of resumes? I've done a bunch for people in the church, use lots of action words ending in -ing not -ed. I learned that one from a resume lady decades ago. Go from most current to past and going as far back as 90 is ok since it's been a long time since you did a job that you weren't the boss... I'll talk to you later about it.