Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I am late getting this done today...

1. I usually do this on Wednesday night, but I was too tired last night.

2. I had to get Cutie Pie ready for preschool, which including boiling some eggs for them to decorate. Yes I procrastinate, BIG TIME!!

3. We went out to breakfast with our church this morning. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to going out like that again!!

4. We had an extra child today. Mr. Silly from Shash's site. We had so much fun today. The kids played outside a LOT and we had a great supper time too. Our kids get along really well together . He is sleeping over tonight too!!

5. I cleaned through the house today, since tomorrow is garbage day. We are also out all day tomorrow, pretty much, so it will be nice to come home to a clean house!

6. We had a visit fom my parents, since it is Pooky's birthday on Saturday and they won't be here. They brought over her gift, which was a set of wooden blocks. She LOVES them!!

7. Mr. Bus Driver bought little Easter gifts for the kids on his bus route. So my sister and I helped put the stuff into little baggies for him to hand out today. Now he is the bus driver the "ROCKS"!!

8. My sister walked over to my house from hers. This, in and of itself, is amazing!! She is not much of a walker, but is wanting to lose the baby weight quickly, so. We had a nice time of visiting.

9. I got supper ready for everyone tonight. We had a mixed array of foods, Fish Cakes, Egg Rolls, Stirfry veggies, and french fries. I know, sounds odd to have all of that together, but it filled the kids!!

10. I had to watch Survivor. I can't believe they have not broken their original 6 alliance...the next episode looks AWESOME!! I love when there is conflict. I still really like Bruce!!

11. I was too pre-occupied, dancing up and down, at the fact that I GOT THE JOB!! Need I say more?

12. I was preparing food for tomorrow's luncheon at church. I love when we get together and eat and fellowship.

13. I was checking out the prices of flights to South Africa...

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  1. Was yesterday Thursday???

    Thanks for taking Mr. Silly - he's a unique child!!!


  2. ok why have I missed so many of your blogs???? I usually check your site everyday.....yeesh...know I have been busy when I am behind on my blogs!!! (I just had to do some back reading!!)
    congrats on getting the job! that is really really exciting!!