Friday, May 05, 2006

The Best Man In The World!!!

I can't beleive that I was home tonight by 10. Now I am still on the computer...whatta life. So, I have been told by someone that it is almost Saturday and I haven't had a new post up yet.

I wonder who that was.....hhmmmmm....

Ok, so the last 2 weeks have been absolutely crazy with working. I am such a mommy, I really like the fact that I am contributing to the family income this month and I know that it is only temporary, but I am supposed to be a mommy.

I love being home with my kids (most days, I am still human you know).

I love the fact that my husband is willing to work hard, hard, hard so that I can stay home with my kids. We have been married for 11 years this year and I have never had to work a day. I have done daycare but don't really count that. I love kids and they just tend to become one of my own and it really doesn't seem to be a job to me.

I have never bragged about my hubby here, so tonight is his night.

He is an awesome dad. He didn't have much of an example growing up, but he knows what he is not going to do. He loves to spend time with his kids. A lot of dads leave that to the moms, but he is always taking the kids out to the park or for "cofffee" (hot chocolate). He loves to play with them out front and watch movies with them.

He just loves to take them out to the theaters or shopping. They each get a turn every week to ride on daddy's bus. So they get to job shadow already!!

He is a great hubby, like I said before (we have our moments, but everything works out, always). He knows how much I love to be home and doesn't make me feel badly about that. He is so creative with cooking and shopping. He does all the shopping in the house. He can see a deal a mile away.

He is so good at it that we don't/can't spend more then, maybe $200-300 a month. When we run out of food he always finds some awesome deal and we don't starve!! (no, we never really get to that point).

He does all the laundry in the house, all I have to do is fold it!! It is so nice not to have to worry about these things. He makes sure that I have the time to devote to the kids and I don't have to think about all those things.

I know that I must have found the most amazing man in the world!!


  1. It's about time you ..... bragged about the man!

    You thought I was going to say blogged didn't you?! It's just I'm bored tonight and you're page wasn't changing.

  2. He sounds an absolute star. Marriage is all about working in partnerships and yours seems to be working amazingly

    good for you both

    (mine is a better cook than me and tends to do all the cooking)

  3. post some more pictures!!

    I love your family - you guys are incredible givers and loyal friends. Faithful through all these years and have remained teachable as well. That is a great quality that not many people have retained in their later years.

    God honours a marriage that works in team, unity is incredibly important to Him. We get much more done in our own lives and in God's Kingdom when we do it together as a partnership. Good job guys.

  4. wow that is amazing!! he actually does your laundry...I am impressed!! the few times J has tried to do the laundry he has wrecked the clothes!!!
    and how in the world do you only spend $200-300/mth on groceries?? is that including fruits/veggies???

    this is a great post!!