Friday, May 19, 2006

Birthdays, Exterminators and kids...OH MY!!!

This is what my day is going to consist of today.

It is my hubby's birthday today. He turns 33. My kids keep telling him that he is almost a grandpa!! I don't think they have realized that it means one of them having a baby first!! Anyhow, we made a birthday breakfast for him and we are making a special dinner too. You reach his heart totally through food!!

We are also having the exterminators in today. See, we have had this really bad squirrel problem for a while, we just have not had the money to deal with it. Well, we paid off the credit card and have room there now, so bye bye squirrels. Then we are going to have to apply for more credit of some kind, because we really need to get the soffit, fascia and eaves all covered with aluminum siding. No more wood for the critters to chew through. Yuck, it is so gross just thinking about it. But, we are thinking along the lines that we will put this money into the house now and get it back when we are ready to sell. Right?

Also, I will be having some extra kids here for a while. Not sure when they are coming or how long they will be here, but my friend has asked if I could watch them while they are dealing with situation. Cutie Pie and Pooky will be thrilled to have their kids to play with. They are all like best friends. It will be a fun night!!

So, this will be my day...gotta love it!!


  1. but squirrels are nice fuzzy cute little don't want to hurt the little things do you??

    hahaha totally kidding....although we had a squirrel nest in the back yard and it fell down and the dogs were running around with baby squirrels in their mouths and the kids were freaking out and saved them....well 2 were dead.....and J took the other 7 to a pet hour away!!!

    and yes usually when you do improvements to your house you at least get the $$ back when you sell and smart improvements will even make you $$$

    have fun!!!