Friday, May 19, 2006


So, we were checking on the cages for the squirrels, and we realized that one of them was going to fall off the roof of the garage. So dh went out quickly, with one really thick hockey glove on, and started inching toward the cage, to put it on the ground.

Well, let me tell you, that squirrel FREAKED OUT!!! totally. So much so, that the cage fell off the roof and onto the lawn and the trap door opened briefly and that one got away. The only time I have ever seen my husband move that fast was when we were teaching one of our cats to catch mice...

Anyhow, while checking out the cages, we saw a little baby squirrel. Princess was so upset that we were taking away its mommy.

So we called the guy to come and reset the cage that had fallen. When he came we told him about the baby. It was sitting beside the cage, so the guy picked it up and put it in another cage. So now the baby and the mommy will go to the country together! Princess was sooo happy!! (so was I , it was really sad to watch...)

Now we have 4 more set up out there, hoping to catch some more, and then the the roof sealed up. Then we get to call a siding company and have all of the wood from the porch up replaced with aluminum siding. We are so not taking another chance at having squirrels in the house...

My friends kids were picked up earlier today and are off to visit elsewhere. I can't say what the news is here, cause it is not mine to tell. You will just have to keep watching for more info!!

Dinner is almost ready, ribs, rice and veggies for dh's birthday. It is one of his favourite meals. and it is much cheaper then going out to dinner.

So, this has been the day so far. What will tomorrow bring?


  1. ewwww did someone have a baby????

  2. Happy bday P!! you and animals.... hehe Dr Doolittle!!!