Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Tenant------->

Ok, have a look to the right of this post and you will see the link to my new tenant, Southern Pixie.

She has 3 kids and I have enjoyed reading through some of her stuff!!

Welcome her with a click over to her place!!

We are off to soccer tonight. Hubby is working late so we are taking the bus there. He was able to run by the store to grab the snacks, since it is our snack night (oops, forgot when we were shopping last night) I am happy he could grab the snack or we would have had to leave 1.5 hours earlier to get to the store before and then run over to the field. I just hope it doesn't rain!! Though it is overcast and it had gotten really windy a while ago. (woohoo, hubby just called and we don't have to bus it after all!! way better, cause now we have somewhere to keep Pooky if it starts to rain)

I have all my kids plus one daycare. She is 3 and can be a handful...we will see how this goes...


  1. Thanks for being my landlord for the week :).