Sunday, June 04, 2006 blog!!

Well, here it is Sunday night. I have actually spent a lot of time on the computer, just not posting. I have been playing around with template designs and HTML. Learning how to write codes, and why they are the way they are. My blog was a template designed by Mela. It is so cool!! I also used another of hers for my daughter, Princess' blog. It is just starting so she hasn't even posted yet. You can find her at King's Kitty. Then I got carried away and thought I would try out my own template. So, you can check out my son at The Hockey Guy. It is an extremely basic design, but I did it on my own!! Who knew I would love sitting at a computer so much!

Gonna head to bed now, I will be back sometime tomorrow to look at this stuff again!!


  1. Hi Love the new look, and your daughters blog is so pretty too.

    Well done on the redecorating. I have no idea but my friend Suzy does all my blog stuff, she's a star!

  2. wow I am impressed!!
    I would love to learn more day!!

  3. I love the design, it looks great. Congratulations on winning a gold medal at the Blog Olympics Training Camp!