Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Ways I am going to beat the heat in Ontario this summer!!

1. Have Air Conditioning - Really, if someone wants to fund my central air, which will also make us have to redo all the electrical wiring (knob and tube is not that good you know...) I will gladly accept all offers! Just comment and let me know!

2. Put a screensaver of the ocean on my computer so I can daydream I am somewhere else!

3. Spend our days outside with the hose close by. Whenever someone is looking hot (including me), I'll hose 'em down!!

4. Cool down by hogging the window a/c unit that is really only big enough for a room and not the whole house!! You hog the unit by making sure it is directly beside the computer and spend your entire day blogging and thinking about blogging!!

5. Sit out on the porch swing and just pretend you are enjoying the breeze (when there is really none!!)

6. Go shopping. Spend the day at the mall, or better yet a store where they serve appetizers er...I mean samples.

7. Get dressed in stretchy clothes and sit in a cold water bath. Get out of the tub and wring out your clothes, put your clothes back on. Place a towel under you wherever you sit (preferably in front of a fan!!) This is how I made it through the end of my pregnancy with ds10, on the 4th floor of an old building, in August, and absolutely NO a/c at all and NO balcony!!

8. Hang out at friends houses

9. Make friends with people who have pools!!

10. Kick ds out of his basement bedroom and move down there!!

11. Wait for the thunderstorms to come and enjoy watching them outside in the cool weather! (I have a funny story about this, I will have to post it later though)

12. Pitch a tent in the backyard and move outta the house (my kids would LOVE this!)

13. Buy lots of baby wipes...lots and lots, maybe even stock in the Huggies or Pampers corporation. These things are great for wiping down and cooling off when you are nowhere near a sink or hose or spray bottle!!

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  1. Hey, I'm first! Ok, I wish I could feel sorry for you. But, I live in Phoenix, and it'll be 110 here on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now that's hot! Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  2. I only love the beginning of summer...don't like the idea of heat and sweat and mosquitos...oh, well. Great ideas, though. I think you will be doing fine :) I am actually here via Wendy's but I am also a T13r, so talk about killing two birds with one stone ! happy thursday!

  3. I like the idea of the Ocean screensaver, I'll have to do that.
    No kidding about the cost of central air. I can pay my kids tuituion with the money I spend on electricity over the years.LOL Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a great Thursday.

  4. Oh I can feel how you feel, I live in a tropical country where most of the times is HOT HOT HOT and I just cant wait for the rainy season to come. I laugh alot on your list with the hose !!hahahahaha hose them down!!! thank god for Air Con though but Cant turn it on 24/7. sigh.

    Happy T13. Mine is up.

  5. I hear you on the heat, HATE IT! We DO have AC. How did I ever live without it as a kid? We'll be hitting the local pool on a daily basis, too. ;)

  6. Bless your heart! My fav is the stretchy clothes being wet down idea!

  7. Ya, a screensaver of the ocean is much safer during the summer months....they won't be hit by hurricanes!!!

    My T 13 is up

  8. I love the summer but the humidity I can do without. Sound like great ideas!

  9. I like #4~!! that is too funny!!
    and the getting friends who have pools!! my sis Tammie has a pool and we go there as much as possible in the summer! and sleep in the basement cuz it gets hot upstairs but we live on the West Coast........we don't get the humidity you get there! I prefer our dry heat to your wet one!!

  10. That's funny but oh so true eh?!

  11. You could always summer in the UK, not much need for air conditioning here, well not usually anyway. :)

  12. Central air is great, I have no idea how we managed without it! I hope you have a great summer

    my list is up

  13. Although I love the summer, I do have problems with the heat! Ironic isnt it? # 7 and #9 are my favorites! Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  14. One time my husband and I set up a kiddie pool in the living room. You might give that a try.

  15. I love your list. Here, I thought I was the only one that liked to hose everyone down. :)

    I love the ocean.

    Try to stay Cool.

  16. Great post! I love #7 that sounds like a great idea! Im in Ontario too and it's been pretty hot this week hasn't it!

  17. Hey, I'm thinking cool thoughts for you. Thanks for coming by.