Monday, July 24, 2006

Oh the suspense...

Even I have to wait until tomorrow to find out what is happening!! Come back then for sure, I am sure I will know what is going on by then!

In other news, my 2 oldest kids have left for sleepover camp. The bus left at 1pm and they were so excited. Princess was a bit nervous since this was her first ever sleepover camp. I told her she was going to love it and not to worry so much.

And then, you gotta love the Canadian government, we received our extra check today for having 2 kids under the age of 6. We went out and celebrated at East Side Mario's, kids eat free on we only had to pay for 2 meals!

Oh yeah, hubby has been looking for a new job. Yes, the saga continues, will it ever end? The job he is at now is ok, he likes it but we rarely get to see him anymore. Last week he worked Wed, Thur, and Friday for 16 hours each day. This is crazy, so he has been looking for something with better hours. He also asked for the long weekend off so we can do a little bit of family camping this year, with our church family. The boss said he would let him know by Wednesday. A bunch of the other guys there are giving him a bunch of slack for it, even though they take time off all the time. Hubby says he is taking the weekend off anyways, no matter what. He can get a job through a temp agency if need be...

We had a bunch of resumes sent out this past Friday and this morning he got a callback. So he talked to them first to find out the pay, hours and benefit options, and it is totally up his alley. It is driving for a construction supplier and the hours are 7-430, Monday to Friday. The pay is right and benefits start after 3 months. Sounds awesome, and it is down the street, he could just ride his bike there if he wanted to. He has an interview on Thursday at 330. He says he is going to call in sick or something to work so he doesn't miss it!

So, this has been my day, I am hoping to not be as busy tomorrow, but will definately let everyone know what the surprise is then. Gonna run and watch a movie now. Last night we watched 4 Brothers. That was an awesome movie. I really liked the storyline.

Will be back on here again tomorrow sometime!


  1. Hi Ruth
    I'll be praying that your hubby gets the job down the street.
    (Wow 16 hr days for 3 days straight, that's way too much!)