Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Song for the day...

I was looking for the lyrics to a certain song today. I can't find them anywhere, but found this song in the process. I was looking for Worshiper of You, by Carl Cartee. I found his website and found this song there. (and there are free downloads too!!)

First, by Carl Cartee

The day unfolds before me
And my heart turns to you
Lord there's only one thing I will ask
It's that in everything I do

That you would be first, You would be all
You would be everything
Whatever it takes for my will to break
And yours be done
If I rise or fall won't matter at all
Only that you receive the praise
For better or worse
That you would be first

The night sweeps in around me
And the shadows build my fear
This test of faith has worn me thin
But your purpose is so clear


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