Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - More about me!!!

Thirteen more things you may not have know about me! (cause you know that you need to know these things!!

1. I played the flute in my church while a teen. (we even did a praise and worship recording for some company)

2. I love music. I have played many instruments...trumpet, clarinet, sax, flute, piano, organ, guitar...(I played most instruments by ear...I still enjoy this!)

3. I used to be in organ recitals all the time as a child

4. I love to learn different languages

5. In school I took french, spanish and italian. I passed all of them with flying colours...I would love to go back and learn to speak spanish fluently.

6. I went to a YWAM camp one year and loved the drama that we did

7. I love grandpa bought me all kinds of materials so I could paint like him. I had an easel, oil paints, canvas...I am not so into it now though

8. I love to express myself with poetry. I have over 200 poems from when I was young. I am typing them up into a computer file

9. I never liked to get dressed up as a child, I still don't. I wore a dress at my grade 8 graduation and had my hair all done up and nobody recognized me!!

10. I wanted to go to college for ECE. I was accepted at every one that I applied at and financial aid wouldn't help me because I lived at home, so I didn't bother...

11. I have only had 3 "real" best friends who I could tell everything to

12. I have had my eyebrow and bellybutton pierced. These are no longer there, just the scars!!

13. I have been in 1 movie and 1 tv show as an extra. I was an extra in Billy Madison and on the show Street was an easy way to make money!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. I used to play the flute, but not in church. I think that is so awesome that you have been in a movie and tv too. Way to go! Happy Thursday. Mine is up too.

  2. I use to play the viola in jr high; I miss it so much. How nice that you can play all those instruments by ear.

    Too cool on the tv/movie appearances!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Have a terrific Thursay! :-)

  3. I know what it's like to only really have three best friends that you can trust - I don't let many close to me except my husband, and a few best friends - in the long run it's easier (especially with all of the moving that we do)

    My TT#2 is up at

  4. that was really cool! I love these lists! I SO wanted to be an extra! that is cool that you are SO talented!!!

  5. In response to #11, you are two ahead of me!

    Happy TT!

  6. Billy Madison eh. I've watched that many times, I'll have to look harder next time. I have the belly-button done too, it will probably stay in for a while until I have kids (which is a long time).

  7. I remember setting in the dining room while everyone else was watching TV, just tip tapping away on my typewriter copying down the poems in my head.

  8. Great list!
    I played flute as teen too.
    I love languages as well.
    I wish I could paint or poet but I can't..
    I wear comfortable clothes. Dress up for me is very rare..
    The movie stuff is impressive!
    I bet that was fun.
    My TT is up

  9. I forgot it was Thursday yesterday! There's alot on that list that I didn't know, but I knew about the flute... thanks to your dad!! ;-)

    You like to make easy money eh? I knew about Billy Madison, we've rented it looking for you - we also visited the house where it was filmed and told the kids all about you being in it. Don't be surprised if they ask you for an autograph.

    Cool list!!