Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Wow, we had a pretty busy, but enjoyable weekend.

It is now Tuesday and Cutie Pie and I are heading out on our bus trip!! She has her speech assessment today. Her speech isn't that bad, she is pretty understandable...but there are a few areas where we need to work on improving. Her preschool teacher told me I should check into it, since she is almost 5. So, back in March (I think) we went to a preschool screening day put on by a local group and they had a speech assesor there. She said that she wasn't overly concerned, but there are some crucial areas that do need to be worked on. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say. They know that we homeschool and are able to give us the package that they would normally send to the schools.

So, that is where we are heading right now. I will be back on later to let you all know about it.

And don't forget the big match today...3pm...Germany and Italy!! Go Germany Go!!!


  1. Hey there - I clicked "Random" on the CWO on my site and it brought me to you!!

    Nice to meet you!! ;-)

    p.s. I'm in Bracebridge if you need me call my cell. I'll be home later in the week or until the kids drive me nuts... more nuts that is!

  2. my WW is up...

    let me know how the appointment went.

  3. my youngest doesn't pronounce all the sounds right yet either, she is 4, she is the only one who has done this, I haven't even thought about having her assesed........I have to admit that I kind of like that she sounds like a baby still!