Monday, July 17, 2006

What's been going on!!

So, it has been a few days since I was on here last. I hope you are all enjoying my new renter. I keep going back and reading more and more there. I still haven't seen it all!!

Saturday and Sunday Princess had her soccer playoffs. They were the last place team overall to start yesterday. They won their first game and lost the next 2...but they became the wildcard#1 team. This meant that Sunday morning, they would play the first place team in the league. We were up, bright and early, and at the fields by 8:45. Her game started promptly at 9 and it was the type of game you could hardly sit for!!

They lost 1-0, which meant they were out of the finals, but they played AMAZINGLY!! To come from where they did and only lose by 1 is awesome. There were 3 chances that I saw, that if the ball had been over a bit more to the right or left (a bit meaning just a wee bit) then they would have had 3 goals by the end of the game. I am so proud of Princess for sticking through this and enjoying every minute.

After soccer we headed over to church. We were a bit late, but not by much. We were teaching sunday school today and were trying something new out. We wanted to encourage the kids to work together in team and get to know some of the kids that they don't usually play with.

So we had them all line up, youngest to oldest, and they all got different coloured stickers. There were 4 teams altogether. They were encouraged, through a few games, to work together, plan strategy and just get along. It was awesome. We really have some of the greatest kids possible!! They listened well, they obeyed, they encouraged everyone, whether it was a teammate or not...again, we really have some great kids.

At the end, they all got a freezie and we got spray bottles for each of them to take home. They had so much fun spraying each other, and cooling down on a hot day. A definate switch from being squished into a small room for 45 minutes or so!! A number of the kids came to me and told me what a great time they had. This will surely be something for them to remember!! Now for August, what to do, what to do!! We are planning another one in about a month, if anyone has any great team building ideas, please let me know. I would love to be able to switch up what we do and have some new, not been done before ideas...HELP ME!!!

Anyhow, my 2 older kids went to sleepover at their friends house, just out of town here. They are going to sleep in the backyard in a tent. They were so excited. We stopped and visited for a bit while there and Pooky loved the trampoline. She just got up there and bounced and rolled away. But I continued to have my heart jump in my throat until we banned her from that!! (She is only 15 months old...come on, I am not just being overprotective here!!)

Cutie Pie and her friend Arrianna are going to a playground program in the morning. They both went to a VBS up the street last week and really enjoyed it, so it will be fun to see what they think of this group. After we drop them, I think we may head over to the children's museum, to hang out. I have my sister 2 kids tomorrow and it would be a nice way to spend the morning (not going insane in the house all day!!)

Ssshhhh...don't tell anyone else...but I am going to write my drivers beginner test next week. I am studying this week so I can be ready, but it is time. I need to be more mobile now and as much as I enjoy the bus and walking, there would be so much more opportunity there. I am really going through this inside struggle with it though. I have had so much fear in me, for so long that it is really hard to imagine myself driving all the time. There is so much in my past that has me so freaked out that I just need to get over it...I have had this phrase going through my head for the past few weeks:

My past is envelopping me,
My future is trying to step in,
My present is constantly fighting
My past from coming back

I am just seeing so much more clearly now, how I am letting my past determine what my present is. I have to find that balance where my past is no longer an issue. Maybe none of this is going to make any sense at all, but this is what is jiggling around in this brain of mine.

Oh well. Oh yeah, I finally got in to find out my blood results and I am borderlining the low thyroid. I guess there are 2 levels they test. If level 1 is low and level 2 is high, then you are low thyroid. If level 1 is high and level 2 is low, then you are high thyroid. both my levels are low. She is going to test me again in October to see what is is like then. My body could just be readjusting itself at this moment. I think that I would feel better knowing that I am low thyroid. It would explain a lot of the problems that I have been having. If it is normal, then I am having some other issues that I really don't want, like stress, anxiety, depression. But my blood pressure was normal and everything else was fine, so that is that.

Anyhow, this rambling is much longer then I thought it would be, now that all these words are out, maybe I can go to bed...Good Night!!


  1. It is so frustraiting having a borderline thyroid result, my GP would not give me thyroxine until I'd gone over the border line, and I was in limbo for about 2 years, and feeling yuck for most of it.
    Do hope it moves soon.

  2. wow I still get amazed at how busy your life is!! and I love what you did in SS! too cool!

    and I love your new look again! you are getting very creative!