Saturday, August 26, 2006

And we are off....

We are aiming to leave around 7 in the morning. We just need to wake up and pack the cooler with all the frozen food. We always try to make our camping trips the most fun by not having to plan and cook a whole lotta crazy meals!

This week we are bringing these frozen foods:

Already prepared hamburger helper
Bagged pork chops marinated in bbq sauce
Chicken pieces marinated in "homemade" bbq sauce
Homemade spaghetti sauce
Crockpot Lasagna

I love camping, we will mix in with all this... bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes, cereal, snadwiches, camping potatoes, rice, veggies, fruit, snacks...I love camping!!

We always eat so well when we go, and this time we are bringing paper plates that we can just throw away...No real dishes.

Anyhow, I am gonna head to bed now, I have an early morning. I will be back on Sept 3!!


  1. have a great time camping!! I love camp food and love taking paper plates!! washing dishes is not fun on holidays!

  2. Us too...we're going to Osoyoos...Canada's only desert. I'll hope a good time for you and you hope a good time for me! And see you on the 3rd too! Great minds think alike afterall eh?

  3. Have a great time camping!! Its the family camping trips that are the best type of holiday!