Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A cute moment from Pooky today

Two of my kids are gone for the week. Princess and Mr. Hockey are at a sleepover camp again. They don't come home until Saturday. Cutie Pie is at a VBS at one of the churches in town and is enjoying learning about different countries. Yesterday she learned about Mexico. Hubby is washing busses part time right now to bring some money home until he gets a better paying job.

So that leaves me and Pooky at home by ourselves until lunchtime. She has been soaking up the mommy time bug!! And I do love this too.

I get to see a bit more of her personality shine through without the other kids popping up in front of her!! This morning, for instance, just out of the blue, she finds our dish scrubby sponge things and puts 2 of them on the floor and steps on them and starts to skate around the house!!
She has not seen anyone else do this before and she just grinned and giggled as she did it!

Gotta go make lunch, will write more again later.


  1. I love one on one time with my kids too! doesn't happen very often though