Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thoughts from camping

We had a great time on our camping trip. We left here on Friday and set up tent when we got there. It was a good drive up, about 5.5 hours altogether. We drove out to Whitby to pick up the 3 kids, who were on their way home with my mom from a weeks holiday. We didn't hit much traffic after Toronto, and Pooky slept most of the trip.

We were all set up and organized early enough to enjoy a fire that night. We enjoyed the beach and swimming the next day. I even got in a kayak. Yup, the kids talked me into it and it was a lot of fun, surprisingly. We didn't go far, just out a bit and back again. Princess, Mr. Hockey, hubby and I went out. Cutie Pie had a blast just playing in the sand and Pooky went to sleep (thanks to whomever put her to sleep...Shash?)

Sunday we got up and headed out to the rock slide close by. It is a natural waterfall that has smoothed out a rock and you slide down it. Last year was so much fun, even Cutie Pie went down. This year, cause of all the rain and storms recently it was just crazy!! The whitewater at the bottom was big and the current was strong. The kids wanted to go down so bad, but I wouldn't let them. There was a big scare with some friends of ours who did go down, on a tube though. She lost the tube on the way down and got caught in the current, her hubby went after her and so did another guy we didn't know. We were actually on our way back to the campground but decided to stay and watch them go down on the tube. That was definately a moment that we saw God move in. He is so awesome and really takes care of His children. Our friends are doing fine now, and we are so thankful for that.

We came back and had dinner and a big bonfire at the beach. Monday we woke up and started packing and headed out just after noon. We drove home for 11.5 hours. It doesn't normally take that long, but we just took our time and stopped quite a bit. It was actually very relaxing and enjoyable. We stopped at Earl Rowe Provincial Park for dinner and a swim and to let the kids have some time to play. We all had a great time then.

Before leaving, someone pointed out a very big caterpillar and the kids were amazed by it. I saw it and thought right away...this is a cecropia moth caterpillar. We had found one during one of our outings to the park last year and reconized it immediately. I had told the people who were taking the picture of it the name of it and then I asked the kids if this was the one that we were trying to watch through it's stages and they said no. I had gone over and told the guy that it wasn't the one I thought, but something else. Then just now I went to check online for some info on it and guess what? It IS a cecropia caterpillar. This is what it looks like (scroll down and click on the cecropia moth picture).

Very cool though. I was wondering today if it was too late to plant a tomato garden. How long is summer supposed to last here this year. It started really late, like it was so cold all the way into I too late and jsut having some wishful thinking or could I still plant one?

Let me know what you think...


  1. I was waiting for someone else to blog about the weekend!! I enjoyed the marina this year too, first time in a Kayak and it WAS SO COOL! Next year - we'll all (girls) go out together down the river!

  2. Amen on the praying!! And I admire you so much for homeschooling. I only have one in pre-k and one in preschool so I haven't decided if I'll do it or not. But seeing as they are only gone for the AM and I miss them so much who knows what I'll decide. Sorry for getting to your TT so late. I'm trying to hit as many as I can