Friday, September 22, 2006

2 tag's in one!!

So, I have been tagged by Lala (word meaning) and Colleen (5 weird things about me).

Here I go. I will start with the easier one:

My 5 words are:
socks - Where?
directions - Mapquest
antique - Expensive
Superman - Hubby (sappy, I know!!)

Now for this one I tag:
and anyone else who wants to do this!

Your words are (thank my kids for these words!):


5 Werird Things About Me (I am not weird, so this is hard...HAHAHAHAHA...I kid myself)

1. I read words backwards in my head. I will spell them out and try to pronounce them, all in my head. I thought everyone looked at words like this!! I also will find words inside words. Like inside the word "words" you can find a "sword"

2. Again, with the words...this time, I also look at the way things are written. The font I guess. I will look at words that have been written in different fonts do I explain is like I am writing the word with my head, but inside my head. I have to be careful or my head starts to move with the flow of the word too. Don't you all do this too?

3. Hmmm...I hate socks. Is that weird? I will go most of the year not wearing socks, even shoes. I will watch my kids out on the street and be barefoot, even in this cold weather. If I am going to someone else's house I will put on socks, my feet have generally gotten dirty while watching the kids outside, and it doesn't all come off at once. I really do scrub 'em hard and the dirt is just sunk in so far!! So, if I am wearing socks, that is probably why.

4. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Now, those who know me know that my house is nowhere near is what makes me weird. I am such a perfectionist that I can't keep my house clean, cuse it will never be perfect!! How is that for an excuse? It is really true. If I have people coming over, I will clean like crazy and it will be near perfect. But, to do it everyday is overwhlming to me, so I just pick up here and there. If I start cleaning one room, I will clean that room until it is shining!! Maybe not weird enough? Read the last one, this should do it!

5. I LOVE EATING TOASTED PEANUT BUTTER AND MAYONNAISE SANDWICHES. They are so good, but they give me heartburn now. I don't eat it nearly as much. Another sandwich I used to love was made like this...put a slice of cheese (only the processed is good) between 2 pieces of bread. Put in the microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and separate the bread. Then add mayonnaise and relish!! Yes, I have a thing for Mayo...This would explain the no weight loss. When I make KD, if we have no milk, mayo goes in instead. It make it so creamy and smooth!! YUMMMMM!!!

There, I did it. These things may not be weird, but it was the best I could come up with....

Now I tag:
Max? (there is nothing weird abou this guy though;-)
and anyone else that wants to do this!!


  1. Those are great yet very weird things about you. A cousin of mine used to eat Tomatoe mayo and peanut butter sandwiches... I thought that was grose enough until I read yours... and you still do it... I could not imagine eatting it. I am a fussy eater that way.

    See you tonight!

  2. Oh ya I took your word tag and did it but was not sure who to tag. YOu can take a look. ok really bye or I will not get everything done for tonight. See ya

  3. I want to thank you so much for your prayers, thoughts, and kind words of encouragement. I appreciate how quickly other bloggers really lift up one another in times of need. It's just so amazing to me. God bless you.

  4. I eat some pretty weird stuff but #5 wins the prize of all prizes!!!!!

  5. Hello Ruth ~ You did well with the memes. Congrats on
    your 200. Thanks for your comments. I think you will find Bake at Home Rolls in the freezer dept of supermarket.
    They are lovely just with butter. Take care, Merle.

  6. ok I have to agree that #5 is pretty out there!
    sometimes I think reason #4 is why I struggle so much too....cuz when I start cleaning a room...I scrub it..window sills elec outlets and then I get overwhelmed realize it just cannot be done and stay done so I give up!! I am trying to find a balance in it all, I think I have and I have gotten better at it. Asking the HS to help me has worked too!