Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back in the swing of things...

First, I will start with my dream. I just can't shake it outta my mind...We were in Nova Scotia (I made the mistake of spending almost the ENTIRE night on MLS Nova cheap;-). We had taken a ferry ride, just for fun. It was a nice ride...until it started to become like White Water Canyon, at Canada's Wonderland. Then the captain came on the speakers and said "prepare to get wet". The boat started bouncing off the walls and it went around one corner, like a skateboard on the side of a wall and the boat went up in the air and straight down UNDER the water. I had Pooky with me and freaked out cause she couldn't breathe, so I tried to help her breathe with the breath that I had until we came up. That was it, it was the weirdest dream ever.

Then the next part of my dream, cause they are like mini clips from shows...was that we were driving to our new house, in Nova Scotia, and I saw a quaint little church. So I turned into it and when we were leaving a police officer stopped me. He asked how many people were in our van. So I told him 6. Then he said that they were trying to work something out so the bus didn't have to stop there and would we be willing to take another passenger. It was a guy with a box of stuff...that was the end of that dream. Odd, maybe it was what I was watching? But I don't think there was anything remotely like that on last night...hmmm...are there meanings to dreams or just an overactive mind that doesn't shut down?

Today is busy!! It seems that we are getting stuck back in the busy-ness of life again. I hope it is just this week. I really enjoy just relaxing with the family and not booking ourselves up!

Mr. Hockey stayed over at a friends house last night and is coming home anytime now. Then we (him and I) are heading out with my mom to do his catalogue route. Then Mr. Hockey has a friend coming over at noon staying until church tomorrow.

I am sending hubby to the farmer's market to buy a bushel of tomatoes. I think that is enough to start with!! I want to get some canned to enjoy throughout the year and I am starting to really enjoy and feel more confident about doing this. My mom said that they tried to can tomatoes one time and all the jars blew up after a while of sitting. I want to see if I can make it work!!

Then I am headed out for the night with a few friends to enjoy some fun kids, no hubby...not that they are hard to deal with, just some nice time to get out of the house for a bit.

Hubby will be taking Princess and the kids to the mall for her pictures. So far we have done Mr. Hockey, Pooky and tonight Princess. Then we have an appointment in October for Cutie Pie and our family pictures. This is the first year we have done this for a while. Cutie Pie was younger then Pooky last time we had a family picture done, so it will be nice to have and to send out with our Christmas letter (#7 on My 101 list;-).


  1. I love canning but am going to do it next year as I had a bit on my plate!!

    I wonder about dreams too, I know God gives us dreams and sometimes you just know that you know that they were from Him othertimes I wonder......who what where know?! last night I had a freaky dream that was like some scary movie....I woke up with my heart pounding it was brutal....then I got a scary phone call from our realtor freaking me out about our completion details.....weird? so anyways after we got that all sorted out on the phone I went outside with my coffee and Bible and read many many scriptures about peace!! so I feel better now.
    we looked at home is NS too.....SO SO SO cheap and apparantly work out there too!

  2. Dreams can be weird, but I never seem to be able to remember anything much when I wake up at all.
    When you say can do you actually mean you seal them in cans? In NZ we would bottle them.
    I was wondering if your kids study anything about NZ at all?

  3. Our house is busy here too. We were gone all weekend to Sherkston Shores near Niagara on the Lake (great place for camping, and lots to do). Hope you have fun canning. My mom tried canning once and her cans blew up.