Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More refrigerator blessings!!

Our new fridge came today. We have spent the entire morning cleaning up the house and getting it looking nice. The fridge was supposed to come between 9-1. I was hoping for earlier, cause I have to go out this aft to babysit at the community centre.

They were here around 11:00 and the guy came in and measured all the doorways to the kitchen and brought the fridge in. He had told me that there was a bit of a dent on the door and there were three ways to handle the situation, #1We could use this fridge until they could deliver a new one, #2We could have the one door replaced, #3Take a $75.00 discount.

So I said that I would like to see the dent first to see how bac it was. Well, he showed me and I still cannot see the dent. I should stand at a certain spot and look from a certain angle!

I said that I would take the discount!! Yay, so it now cost $425.00. I had asked if they would move my old fridge to the curb (it is included in the delivery, they said at the store) and the guys moved it right into their truck! They said they were on their way to the dump anyways, and it usually costs $25 to do that, but consider it a bit more of a discount!!

Now I have a nice, new fridge, with a dent that I can't see, no fridge at the end of my driveway until Friday (garbage day). How awesome it is that I just got $100 in discounts that I was totally not expecting?

I will definately be shopping at LEONS again!!

Anyhow, the rest of my day will consist of having lunch, walking up to the community centre to babysit, walking home and relaxing. I am going to clean up a bit more upstairs tonight. I also need to get some supper ready, maybe I will see if I have something I can do in the crockpot while I am gone this afternoon. It makes for an easy dinner. We will probably throw in some diced potatoes, and some kind of veggie, will have to see what we have to throw in it all. Makes for an easy, yet good dinner!!

I have been checking out CafePress. It is like an online store, you decide what you mark things up to and you can sell them. They provide the items, the shipping, the everything, it looks like except the "idea" of what goes on the items. So, I thought it would be fun to try it out by putting together somekind of recipe book. Tell me what you think about this idea? Does it make sense? Have you ever dealt with CafePress? Tell me, I am so curious about it all!!


  1. that is so great about the fridge!! yehaw!

    I have never heard of that site before? sounds interesting though!

  2. I like the fridge deal! When we bought ours from The Bay 9 or so years ago, it was the floor model and it had a screw missing on the handle on the freezer (which is on the bottom) so they took off like $100 - gotta love deals. There's a scratch 'n dent store somewhere in town that gives great deals like this on brand new items that have been roughed up a tad from delivery guys... I'm going to check it out for our new appliances we need to buy soon, dishwasher, stove, and microwave. Now you know why I'm back at work.... ;-)

  3. Great deal on the fridge! Score!
    Enjoy it...and like my new fridge..it becomes a game on how long it will stay clean without juice spills under the crispers.

  4. YEAH, for you! Good deal, too. That's the same way we shop for our appliances. But when we save on the appliance, we use a little to pay for a "warranty" plan. That's helped us big time with our knocked up washer. Sigh...

  5. I am so happy that you went with Leon's THat is awesome! so in total you saved even more becasue it was on sale as well. I want a new fridge.... our handle is coming off :( Oh well I think I would want a new furnace first.