Friday, September 15, 2006

My New Renter...LOOK RIGHT!!!

Ok, so I posted my blog space for rent again and I got a whole load of bids.

I am happy to announce that Coffee Crochet is my new renter.

At first glance the whole Survivor thing caught me up. I LOVE Survivor and it is going to be this time round...

Then as I was scrolling down a bit more, I saw that she lives in Ontario. Cool, so do I!! So I thought I would rent out to someone from my home province this time round.

If you keep reading back a bit, you will find out that she has, just newly, become a *single mom* Go check out what I mean by is kinda intriguing!!

So, she is going to hang out here for a week and I hope you guys check out her blog!!


  1. You're right..great blog she's got. Haven't visited you in awhile..been busy, but sure like the new look..from yellow to mauve..looks great.
    Hope you're having a great weekend. It's sunny and still summer out here on the westcoast.
    Do you go to Shashi's church? If so, give her a birthday hug for me tomorrow???