Friday, September 29, 2006

So, we're going to get a dog...

How's that for a title?

Yup, we have decided that our family needs yet, one more member. The kids were wanting another boy, so we are thinking about getting a dog. I really want to go with an older one, that we don't have to house train. Something smaller (we have had 2 dogs in the past - a Rottie/Sheppard mix and a collie/something mix...both very big!!).

We had our eyes on a Yorkie/Maltese mix, but he went to another home. The kids were so sad. So, now we are looking into a 1 year old beagle.

We are also going to check out the Humane Society here and see if they have any smaller dogs. I think they are a bit expensive to buy from, but everything will be up to date, medically.

Tell me I am crazy, come on...I know you are all thinking that, but the kids are older now and responsiblilty won't fall solely on me, so I am thinking this is the right timing...


  1. hehehe... hmm.. another pet eh?!

    My kids would love to have Dash back and I have to admit I miss the little thing but I'm glad we're pet free. I'm so busy with so much other stuff to have to be worried about an animal wouldn't have worked, plus we still don't have a fence and the kids weren't into picking up dog pooh in the middle of winter (with the exception of Li who for some reason LOVED IT!).

    Let me know what the society has cause I'm sure the time will come that our family will be ready.