Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogger was frustrating yeterday...I am thinking of moving...

Wordpress is sounding pretty good right now, maybe I will have to check them out a bit more...

I will quickly recap my day 3 of the cleanse. I had yogurt and granola for breakfast (I really hate yogurt, but it is what we have), trail mix and an apple for lunch, and I was bad for supper, but didn't overdo the protion, so I am thinking it is not so bad...4 chicken nuggets and about 7 fries with a huge bowl of carrots. It says I am allowed to eat chicken, but I am not sure it means nuggets...

I went to babysit at the community centre yesterday and I didn't feel too good. My stomach was a bit upset. Not sure if it is the cleanse and just getting used to the amount of fibre pills I have to take as part of it. I had to go to the bathroom in the middle, so walked all the kids there so I could go!!

This morning I am up to 6 fibre pills twice a day, then I stay at this level until it is done. Only 4 more days to go!! I am going to weigh myself on Monday morning to see if there is any change at all. I don't feel like I am losing, but I am learning to eat better anyways.

And the portion size has become much smaller. My stomach seems to only be able to handle a smaller amount at a time, so that is good too. It is just training my mind to see that I don't need that HUGE plate of food to be full...and it is healthy stuff, not empty calories. Soooo....I feel I am doing pretty good, but I can't wait til it is done, so I can stop with the pills!!

I will post my Thursday Thirteen sometime, later this morning.


  1. good for you! way to go...woot woot...this is me chearing you on!