Friday, October 27, 2006

Lots of updates

Alright, I have since recovered from that last website link and am ready to post my update from the cleanse. I was on Day 4 yesterday. I had an apple and trailmix for breakfast, 2 sunny side up eggs and onions and carrots for lunch and chicken and noodles with a little bit of sauce, peppers and broccoli. Then I realized, later on, that I am an emotional eater...I got frustrated with hubby about something, and while he was having a Mama burger, from A&W, I had one too...i felt really sick after eating it, like my stomach had worked its way up to my throat. I think my stomach size has shrunk some, cause I am getting fuller, faster. Oh well, all I can do now is work hard again today... so far I have had eggs and onions for breakfast (I have this odd craving for onions and have been eating a whole onion at a time...cooked of course, but still, it is weird!)

Tonight we are going to a halloween party at the community centre. Mr. Hockey is so excited, he volunteered to help, since he is to old to attend, and they said yes. So, I am there chasing the 3 girls around. We have been going for a few years now, it is always fun. Then the kids stay with hubby for dinner date with dad and I come home, by myself!! (can you hear the sheer delight in my voice?)

Tomorrow we are going to watch the new Veggietales movie on the big screen, and then heading out with a bunch of us from church to do a car scavenger hunt. It is going to be a blast.

On Sunday we are in Sunday school. We are doing a mission Sunday on Swaziland. There is a training time going on over there from October 31-November 3. I am going to do another post with what we usually do during a Mission Sunday...


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