Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Renter------>Caylynn's Contemplations

I really enjoy renting out my blogspace to other renters. I have enjoyed getting to know so many new bloggers that I may have missed out on otherwise.

I have a new renter again. If you go on over to my sidebar, just over to the right, you will see a little box with the words "Visit My Tenant". If you click the little picture below, you will be taken to another country!!

I am a Canadian, so it is really cool to check out Caylynn's Contemplations . I have been reading through her bog and am exhausted by the end of the first page!! She runs, and she runs and she travels and she runs!! She is a Canadian who now lives in Munich, Germany (somewhere I would LOVE to visit someday!).

Go on and check her out!!


  1. Thanks for the post. :) I always enjoy meeting other Canadian bloggers. :)