Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Exciting things that happened this week

Thirteen Exciting Things That Happened This Week

1. We went to our local childrens museum today, had so much fun!! (we renewed our membership and it cost almost the exact same as our GST rebate check we received yesterday!!)

2. We watched the Oktoberfest parade on Monday. The kids loved it and the weather was just perfect for parade watching (and none of the kids had to go pee in the middle of the parade either!)

3. Mr. Hockey finally figured out verbs and nouns. He is creating a grammar game to help him understand it better (Thanks Wave for your inspiration on this one!!)

4. Princess finished her first workbooks in Reading and Language Arts. Only 9 more left! (but this means we are on time!)

5. We started our new budget with hubbys new job. We actually have spending money and grocery money!! (we used to not factor in groceries and would buy what we could when we could and create all kinds of meals from that!)

6. I watched Owlhaven get over 1000 comments!! (go check out her blog...she is a great writer! The 1000 comments were on her Works for me Wednesday post)

7. On our way home today from the museum we stopped at a store to buy Mr. Hockey a new pair of shoes. They were marked at $14.97, which wasn't so bad, I thought. They rang through at $8.97, which is even better!!

8. On Sunday our friends invited us over for dinner. We had a great time fellowshipping and building relationships. (and they are both great cooks!!)

9. We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. We are almost done with leftovers now, just going to make some soup with the rest of it now.

10. Snoopy hasn't pooped in the house for 2 days now (knock on wood!)

11. The preying mantis survivor game is still going on (animals don't tend to last very long in our house, so this is an accomplishment!!) Now that it is colder we don't know if we will have any luck finding a male in time for mating...

12. I may be getting a digital camera tonight...maybe...

13. IT IS SNOWING HERE...I LOVE SNOW!! It is just flurries and squalls and is not staying on the ground, but it is snow!!

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  1. A great list!! Enjoy the snow, it sounds wonderful! I agree, Owlhaven is a great writer... I've been reading her blog for quite a while. Good luck on the digital camera. I hope you'll get a new one this evening! Cameras are fun!!

    Have a great Thursday!!

  2. Wow...must be a great house to live in!

    Living in Arizona, the only time I get to see snow is if I drive

    Happy TT! My list is up!

  3. Every blogger should definitely have a digital camera! Happy TT!

  4. wow that is a great list!! you had a productive week!
    and 1000 about comment envy!!

  5. oh and we are supposed to get snow on Tues....and I don't have my winter tires yet :-0....and J is away...what to do??!!

  6. Sounds like a gret week!

  7. I miss snow. Boy oh boy. I'll find some by Christmas, I swear!

  8. Sounds like you had a crazy week!

  9. A digital camera would be great! Then we can see pics!!
    Snow?? I'll go back and read your post again, cause I must have missed something.

  10. Oh, I know what I did...I read as far as "digital camera" and got so excited, I came to comment and missed the last item on the list, that it was!! And we still have tank top and flip flop weather kidding..I can't remember an October so hot! Bizarre.