Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Things that have changed with a new dog

Thirteen Things that have happened in our house since we got the dog...(mostly with Pooky;)

1. Pooky crawls around like a dog, tongue out and all

2. Pooky thinks the cage is a great toy, sits in it most of the day and screams at anyone who opens the door

3. Pooky thinks it is funny to let the dog lick *inside* her mouth...yuck!

4. Pooky didn't like the dog barking in the cage at night, she was found sleeping beside the cage in the morning...

5. The house has been kept considerably cleaner...not how I would like it, but better then before!

6. We have gone on more family walks together, this is very nice!

7. We have had poop on the floor many times now, and pee

8. We have learned not to leave food on the table...(that was my sandwich he ate)

9. Mr. Hockey cleans up the poop outside everytime and doesn't have to be asked and doesn't complain

10. The kids have learned that dogs cry when they are punished, just like kids do, and it is ok

11. We have learned that having a dog is not as bad as we thought it would be

12. Pooky has a new best friend who doesn't talk back to her!

13. We have learned an awful lot about dog training, and are really enjoying the benefits that are coming out of having a dog

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  1. ok ok #3 is really gross! But I am glad you are enjoying it.

  2. We've just adopted a new puppy, too. And my boys LOVE her! I posted a pic of her yesterday. I really sympathize with portions of your list. Maybe a little too much. ;)

  3. Funny how one little animal can turn your life upside down! Good luck!

  4. ya got to love your floors being the dogs bathroom!!!NOT

    and so cute that pookey loves the dog so much!

  5. I like # 2 & #4, finding her sleeping next to the dog is so cute. Glad puppy training is going good. Good job for Mr. Hockey, that is my least fav part of having a dog. Oh well at least my pups poop is still small and will be forever.