Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I did tonight...

I have so much to think about!!

I went with my mom to a seminar on Improving Childrens Brain Functions. Let me tell was so interesting!! I figure that I have a right brained, a left brained and an indigo children. Not sure yet about Pooky...

Now, some of what I heard tonight was a bit sounds almost New Age type stuff...but if you look past that and what they encouraged parents to do with their kids, to encourage brain development, then you see this for thought.

Basically, all of us are dominant to one side of our brain or another. I think I have learned to integrate my brain, by I am dominantly right brained, I am artistic, emotional, etc.... Pete is left brained, he is linear and step by step.

Now, we want to encourage our kids to integrate their whole brain. It will help them with learning and living and keeping their self esteem in tact. 65% of children today are right brained and are continuing to be taught in a left brained way. Kids grow up thinking they are stupid, and then realize that their creative gifts are exactly what they need to move on in life.

Brain Gym is one way to encourage this thinking. It is actually fun... Everyday should be started with P, A, C, E.

E = Energy, drink some water before starting your classes
C = Clear, clear your brain. If you put 2 fingers on the front of your collarbone, under your chin, and go just below it. You will feel the dip where it ends. Massage this area for a minute or so. Apparently there are nerves there that go up to the brain and it is like massaging the brain!
A = Active, stand up and touch your right hand to your left knee and vice versa, this works one part of your brain. Then touch the opposite hand to the opposite foot, behind your back, this works another part of your brain. Then do that John Travolta move from Saturday Night know the one...right hand diagonally up and left foot diagonally pointing down. These moves help your brain learn to work together.
P = Positive, stand up, cross your feet, put your arms out in front of you and cross the over, link your fingers then flip your arms under so your fist is on your chest. Then put your tongue on the top of your mouth and and breathe in. Then breathe out. Do this 3 times then put your finger tips all together. This is to encourage your brain working on both sides together again.

Weird? I am going to try this with my kids. They are going to start their days like this and do it throughout the day. Our right brain controls our left side, our left brain controls our right side. So these exercises make sense to me...

Aspects of Left Brained children:
Logical, executive control center, processes info for bigger picture, analytical, step-by-step, they like rules and structure, they are very big in the good/bad, right/wrong area, detailed, time conscious...these are just a few of their attributes.

Aspects of Right Brained children:
They see the whole picture, think randomly, feeling oriented, multi task, they can send and receive non-verbal signals (reading peoples faces...), visual, kinisthetic, think in 3D images, hands on, solve problems in different ways, big imaginations, write poetry, artistic in many way, they have rhythm and love movement...these are just a few of their attributes.

Aspects of Indigo Children:
Like to be treated as an equal instead of a child, emotionally triggered, difficulty with discipline, gentle sensitive spirit, loving caring heart, dislikes being rushed, has an interest in spiritual things, wise beyond their years, came into the world with an attitude, creative in art, music or technology, early ability and desire to learn, has trouble getting to sleep at night or have night terrors...again these are just a few of their attributes.

I will post more tomorrow about how we are going to change our diets, what we are eating and putting into our bodies...OH NO...Have I become a HEALTH NUT??? You will have to read tomorrow and see...

Tell me, what do you think of this so far? These are some websites that you can check out if you want. Tell me if it sounds kooky to you!!! I haven't checked all of these out...
Brain Gym
Energy Connection Therapies
Indigo Children (pdf is a checklist to see if this is your child)


  1. Well, I think this is GREAT!

    My youngest son is "dyspraxic", his right and left sides don't talk well with eachother. So we've been doing exercises like this since he was a wee little dude.

    This has even affected his ability to communicate through speech. Fortunately, sign language has helped him. THAT is a result of which side of his noggin is "stronger", too.

    There IS science to back this up, too. Good for you for learning about this! ;)

  2. well I know for sure by reading that that Hailey is Indigo!! and the rest right sided
    it is really interesting how complex our brains are eh?!

  3. Very interesting stuff! How'd you find this seminar? I don't think it sounds kooky. We did a lot of exercises similar to this in Julia's infant Kindermusik class. It makes sense.

  4. I'm fascinated by these things too... I think you saw my latest post! It's neat to understand the brain functions that are beneath the 7 motivational gifts listed in Scripture. I think of the gifts as 7 different "flavors" of people. GB.