Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wow, it is Tuesday Already:-o

Ok, I must have been busy this past weekend to not have time to blog!!

Actually, between keeping the house clean, working on training the dog, making sure the kids are fed... yeah, it has been pretty busy, but a good busy.

I am so tired, I was asleep by 9 last night!! This is something that doesn't generally happen a lot, but I was exhausted!

We bought a crate for the dog, so we can train him and everyone is the house can stay happy, and Pooky is the one who is enjoying it the most right now!! We figure she will be crate trained by the end of the week. Snoopy hasn't had an accident in the house for 2 days now and that is exciting, cause we have never had it so easy with a dog before. He is definately a keeper!

We celebrated Mr. Hockey's birthday (which was really in August) on Sunday. He invited 2 friends and we went out to East Side Mario's for lunch. The kids had a great time and Mr. Hockey had to stand up on his chair and be a little teapot. He turned so red it was funny! We hadn't really given him a gift (times were tight then) so we told him that since he has proven himself responsible, and hard working, because he does things when we ask him and he doesn't complain or make a big stink about it, and if it continues, then he will start getting $5 a week allowance.

He is a great kid. I see him going so far. He is always serving others, without being asked most times. He just has such an awesome heart, he ignores when people speak to him meanly and just walks away. He doesn't retaliate. My hubby and mom said, after an incident this past weekend, that they wished he would speak up. It is just not in his nature. Maybe I am viewing it wrong, but I think he is a great example of Christ and his gentle spirit is going to reach so many others. I can definately see him going into missions and doing anything he can possibly do to help.

Ok, I gotta go and get breakfast for the kids, but there is a bit of insight into my 11 year old. He really is a great kid!


  1. That kind of busy is good, especially when you can fall into bed at 9 and actually sleep all night.
    Congrats on the new dog.
    My sister Lori is coming your way to look after Shash's kids...ironic that she'll probably meet you before I do. So if you see a lady in church with all Shash's kids, go say hi from Rena...that'll freak her out! LOL

  2. I think he has a great character. at times we need to learn to speak up for ourselves but most of us do that TOO much!

  3. Have fun with the puppy training. It can be tiring, especially when they get you up at 6:30am!!...my puppy is also being trained to sleep in...LOL.