Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Career day in our homeschool!!

I sometimes feel like my kdis miss out on certain things because they are homeschooled. One, in particular, is career days. You know, people come in and talk about their jobs, then the kids come home and say wow, we met a cool______ today. I think I want to do that...or I don't want to do that...

So, today I chose not to deprive them any longer!! They learned about pet grooming - in particular, dogs...

I sent them upstairs to give the dog a bath. Yesterday Snoopy decided it would be fun to roll around in some dog poo while on a walk. We didn't have any time last night to bathe him (We went to Cheryl's Tupperware Kick off Party...if you want any Tupperware...get a hold of her on her blog!! commercial done!!;-)

So, today was the day. I remembered the last time he had a bath and he seemed to like it, so I thought it would be ok for the kids to do it themselves...they are 11 and 8 after all...I was on the phone with a friend for a quick phone call...

All of a sudden I hear this trampling down the stairs...here comes the wet dog. He ran straight to his cage, cause you know it is better to be locked up then to take a bath, right? So, Mr. Hockey dragged him back upstairs and then I hear "why are you in your underwear...?"

I got off the phone quickly and went upstairs. Mr. Hockey is in the tub, in his underwear and the dog is standing outside the tub watching him. Why? Why are my kids so weird???

Anyhow, I finished off his bath and dried him up, I wiped up the new bathroom floor, so it didn't start peeling, and Princess proceeded to mop the rest of the house, cause it was a huhge puddle...

Career? Dog Groomers? I think not!!


  1. When your kids get to high school stage you can send them to my work to "job shadow". Our staff's kids do it all the time. Send them along with my hubby one day... Ask different people to come into your home...

  2. I'll come to for carreer day. Just let me know which job you want me to talk about.

  3. Funny. That's a familiar scene here too when they try to bathe the dogs. No thanks.

  4. Talk to family friends and people you do business with. I am sure many people would be willing to discuss what they do with your kids. Many people don't know you have the need until you ask!

    Doll House Lover

  5. oh man that is funny! that would have been a great AFM moment!