Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday humdrum...

I don't have enough of anything to do a Thursday Thirteen today. Instead, I am going to just post briefly (since we are pretty busy) what is going on today.

We have been cleaning around the house. We have some friends coming over during the day tomrrow and we would all like the house clean for that. I really don't know why I have such a hard time keeping it up. I have had people tell me that the house is a mess and disorganized and it means that I am a mess and disorganized inside...yes? no? We clean our house multiple times a day it seems. In between schoolwork and playing, it just doesn't ever get clean.

I grew up in a relatively clean house. We all pitched in and helped clean the house, we had our Saturday chores and we didnt' do anything during the day until they were done. It was fun though. Our bedrooms were another matter. I rarely cleaned my room and I remember the floor being knee joke. I would sleep on whatever part of my bed was clean, if there were no clean spots then I would just move stuff over. I don't know why I was like this, seeing as we had a pretty clean house, overall.

I really hate it when people pop over to visit and the first thing I have to say's a bit messy in here, just don't mind it. I almost feel like I am a failure at this part of my life. I hate it that the kids do so much cleaning, and people seem shocked that I expect my hubby to help out when he gets home. I hate that I can't clean it and keep it clean. We do get the house looking really nice and it may last for 1 day. Then it is a disaster again. Sometimes it doesn't even last that long!! Like this morning, after the living room was cleaned and swept, it couldn't have been more the 5 minutes and it was tornado like all over again!! I just can't seem to get a grip on it!!

I can be so organized with lots of things, schoolwork, Sunday school, Usborne books...I am totally passionate about these things. Doing this stuff makes me feel good. I love to make lists and I try to hard to stick with lists, budget lists, daily schedules, cleaning it, I have made a list for it. How long did those lists last? Not long, maybe 1 day 2 at the most.

I guess I am just feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything right now and I feel like I am just barely above water. Good? Bad? Who knows, but I am treading with all my might!! (and hoping that the house stays clean in the process...)


  1. I totally get what you're saying here! :) Ever try

  2. My dearest ruth - You know I know of what you are sharing. Don't spend time beating yourself up. I think I need more storage and filing and shelves and maybe you do too. I've strugled forever with the same issue. The only time the house was orderly was when Rick was ordering me and I submitted.HeeHeeHee so it was not me but him. Keep striving - less complaining more praying.