Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We have been busy!!

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday we ended up at the local university's science and gem show. It was all geared to grades K-8. It was so much fun. We got to see a science magic show, where they blew up stuff and froze stuff and just did all that kind of fun stuff. It really makes me want to go out and buy some of these cool supplies and try the experiments out at home. I mean, it would be so cool to get some carbon dioxide dry ice and watch the bubbles float and expand and other bubbles fill up with carbon dioxide and burst them with your hand and watch the smoke blow around! The kids also got to try soapstone carving. That was very messy. We all walked out of there with a white covering!! But the kids came home with some very cool rock sculptures.

We went over to my moms for dinner on Saturday night, for my birthday, and Pete was complaining about his tooth. He never said a word to me about a sore tooth, so I didn't know that he had a problem. By Sunday evening his face had swollen a bit, you couldn't see his smile line on that side. He called into work and said he had to get a dentist appointment and couldn't make it in on Monday. We had homeschool group, so my mom phoned around to a bunch of dentists and found one that would take him right away. He is now medicated for infection and pain, but is still able to drive. He goes in on Monday afternoon to get the tooth pulled. We thought it was going to be overly expensive, but it will be less then $100. Yay!! I also think we found a new dentist. We need someone with the right hours for his new job.

My mom told us about a house that she had looked at (she is always looking). She said that it would be perfect for us...4 bedrooms, lots of room, raised bungalow, walkout basement, big backyard...we went on Sunday thinking there was an open house and we found out that it was sold. It had sold by Saturday night...so now, here we are, ready to think about moving. We really need to start working on our house, decluttering and working on getting into staging condition, then living like that!! Oh my...we want to work a bit more on the house, some fresh paint, finishing the bathroom and kitchen jobs, seeing if we can finish the laundry room so it looks like a finished room...we want to get enough money from this house so we can get something bigger. I am not sure if house prices are better in the winter or not...we bought ours in January and it was fairly cheap, but that was before the market jumped. We are also looking into the possibility of getting a place with rental space...like an inlaw suite to allow us to save for another bigger property (which is what we ideally want!)...so thanks to my mom for the original itch to move and then to shash for keeping it up...what am I getting myself into???

Anyhow, I am gonna run, we have a pretty busy day today trying to catch up on Mount Neverest (laundry)...I am so tempted to bag it all up, throw it all out and go to the second hand store and buy only what we need. We have toooooooo many clothes...Have a great day.


  1. That science magic show stuff? It had me convinced to major in chemical engineering in college, for a while. Sounds like a fun day.

    Good luck on the house hunting. We've been in our new house about a month...still haven't sold the old one and we're getting pretty nervous! We've had a couple nibbles, but no offers. UGH!

  2. it's always good to look at the possibilities. Mount Neverest can be conquered!