Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog Redecorating...again

So, I changed up the design of my blog. I figured since we were getting so much rain, it doesn't feel much like winter, at least my blog could remind me what time of year it is!!

Not much has been going on here. I have been battling a severe sinus infection. It has worked its way into my jaw and teeth now, I guess I should go and see the dr. about it. I am not one to rely on medication, but let me tell you, I have gone through a whole, big bottle of Advil in the last week. I just can't seem to function without them. I ran out of Advil and have been taking Tylenol, which doesn't work and now I am trying Benelyn, given to me by Cheryl, and they aren't working so good either. I am going to have to go and lay down for a bit.

Anyhow, Pooky has decided that it is time to toilet train. Yesterday, everytime she pee'd she wanted to take off her diaper. She found a way to take it off herself if I did not. So we bought a new potty seat for her and she fall asleep until midnight because she kept wanting to sit on the toilet. I should be happy about this, right? She also wanted to sleep without the diaper on and I just am not ready for that one...she has not been too interested in it today, but it is our new piece of furniture in the living room.

I have updated my other website,
Mom's Book Corner, it looks much like my blog. I am going for the wintery themes right now.

We are heading out to hubby's Christmas dinner on Saturday night. Oh yeah, he made it past his 3 month probation...YAY...I am so excited cause this means he is finally staying at a job. Back to Saturday night. We have shipped the kids out for the night, each to a different house so no one gets overwhelmed with the numbers!! So, we get to enjoy a night out, at a fancy restaurant just outside of our city. It should be nice.

I am going to head to the couch now and close my eyes for a bit. My sinuses are really acting up again. Talk to you all later.


  1. Cute blog.

    Maybe pull-ups would be a good compromise - like big girl undies without the mess! It is a good thing when they decide it's time to use the potty!

  2. Rest, rest, rest and call for HELP!!! So are you dressing up for dinner with the man?!

  3. p.s. I like the falling snowflakes!

  4. Get to a doctor! I know, you're not dying, but antibiotics will fix what ails you, in ten days. And it's only going to get worse and more complicated if you wait. I have this same "ah, let's wait" thing going, I know (I think) how you feel. Want some motivation? If you wait too long to see a doctor, when you do go, the doctor's going to hospitalize you. Go today, to prevent that from happening later!

    I like your blog, I came upon it searching for recipes. Thanks for the work you put into it, and for the great recipes.

    Be well!

  5. Love the new blog design!

    Yah for Pooky and the potty training!

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  6. The new blog design looks great! I love the snowflakes.

    I hope you feel better. I've been down and out, too.

    And hey! I tagged you for the "Come As You Are" blog party!

  7. How are you feeling today? Did you get to a doctor?

  8. hope your feeling better soon. Love your back drop where did you find it? I know the potty training is a pain but when its all done you will ove being diaper free.