Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday we are making this year

Thirteen Christmas Gifts being made in our home this week...

Princess is making
1. Pillow for Pooky

2. Crocheted Scarf for Cutie Pie

3. Painted lighthouse for Mr. Hockey (this goes with the boat she painted last year)

4. Heating bag with rice for daddy

Mr. Hockey is making
5. Blanket to match the pillow for Pooky

6. Jean Purses with crocheted straps for Cutie Pie and Princess

7. Knitted (loom) hat and fleece scarf for daddy

Cutie Pie is making
8. A wooden shaped dog, painted for Pooky, a wooden shaped cat, painted for Princess and a wooden shaped dinosaur, painted for Mr. Hockey

9. A picture frame with hers and Pooky's handprints for daddy

I am making
10. Crocethed belt for Princess and crocheted purse for Cutie Pie

11. PJ's for everyone

Hubby is making
12. Wooden marker holders for the three older kids. (you take a 2X4 and cut it in 2 foot lenghts, you get a drill bit the size of your marker lid and drill that many holes in the block, you sand and shellac it and put the markers in. When the kids take out a marker, the lid stays in the markers are standing all the time too.)

13. A magnet board for Pooky. (A square piece of wood with 12 holes drilled halfway through the board. In each hole you place magnetic and non-magnetic items. You place a piece of plexiglass over top and screw it in. Then you screw a string on with a magnet attached...voila, a magnetic learning board!!)

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  1. Handmade gifts are wonderful. Last year my b-i-l's girlfriend knitted me a beautiful scarf. I love it.

    My 13 are up and my blog technical difficulties are over! Hooray!

  2. What a clever family you have! I hope your Christmas is wonderful.

    My TT is up too.

  3. I recently blogged about the homemade Christmas tradition in my family. I think this was pretty common in the 70's and then faded away a bit in the 90's. I am glad to read about so many families who are making each other gifts. When I look back at my childhood toys, the ones I saved where the homemade ones.

  4. Hey Ruth lost your email did you get those patterns? Sounds lke fun at your place I remeber those days of making presents. Cherish it now. Merry Christmas.

  5. Most crafty family > Merry Christmas message on my blog