Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Up and at 'em!

I am feeling even better today. This medicine has some odd side effects, such as a metallic taste left in my mouth for the duration of the medicine, ew. I also have been feeling lightheaded and dizzy and am just sitting down and taking it easy when this happens. It seems to hit hardest in the early evening, about 4 hours after I take the pills. Anyhow, glad to be feeling almost back to normal!

Last night Princess came down with her crochet, the yarn had ripped in half. She was so upset, she was trying to make a scarf for Cutie Pie for Christmas. We fixed it this morning by turning it into a coaster. We just twisted and sewed it together into a circle. Mr. Hockey made one of these one year for his grandpa, so I figured grandma would enjoy one too, for her tea!

Every year we each get to make a Christmas gift for each family member. I have no idea what to make this year, I am at a loss...so if you have any ideas, please help me out. In the past I have made laundry bags, scarves, blankets. I wonder how hard it would be to make pj's for everyone...a pair of pj pants for the boys and nighties for the girls, hm...I know Cheryl was going to do it one year. Would I need a pattern? My mom would help me if I needed, I would just have to find the time...we will see. I also need to come up with an easy idea for Cutie Pie to make for everyone. Maybe she will just get something from the dollarstore to paint on...

Princess is making a heating bag with flannel and rice and cloves, then you heat it up and place it on your neck or sore muscles...they are really cool. Here is the pattern we are going to use. There are some other really neat things to make on the website too, I may try out a few of the other patterns.

Mr. Hockey has been outside for 2 days now, no I am just kidding. As soon as the snow falls he is out there. This is his time of year. He is back to shovelling snow and just walks around the street and does everyones driveway and sidewalk, for fun. Don't you all wish you lived on my street? Yesterday one of the neighbours actually paid him $5 for shovelling their drive and walk. He was so excited and wants to hand out his signs again. Last year he made quite a bit of money shovelling and he is looking forward to it again this year. He is the kid who will do anything willingly for nothing, but loves it when he gets paid. He makes a lot of money between shovelling, soon to be dog walking, catalogues etc...he is wondering how old he needs to be to get a real job and is already looking ahead that way! He wants to know when he can work at Waste Management, like his dad!!

Gonna run now, helping Princess finish up the scarf she is working on...


  1. Wow, what a nice son you have! That is great! (I'm glad someone finally paid him a little something, though!)

    Just catching up...glad you're on the mend!

    (If you wouldn't mind, please pray for my little one- she is having dental surgery this morning...thanks!)


  2. I love making things for people too! I made little hand warmers last year with rice and lavender and gave them to the kids teachers!they were great!

    I totally think you should post about your friend!!! I was hoping that would be here today!

  3. Go Mr. Hockey!! That's the way to sow some serious seed!!

    I'm no longer a crafty person, that side of my brain is way too dusty - sorry can't help you but my s-i-l can help you with the pj sowing. Jud's awesome with a machine!

  4. My mom did Pj pants for us kids one year, they dont fit anymore so she made us housecoats last year. I always liked when she sewed us stuff, and they are easy to make too.

    She has tons of patterns she said you could have. As well try Lens Mills for the material, thats where we always got ours when we lived down that way.

    My mom said she'll email you and get your mailing address.