Thursday, January 11, 2007

I want to win a Nintendo DS

I would LOVE to win the pink Nintendo DS Lite, that Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is giving away. I would be the hippest mom ever!!

I would no longer have to sit at my computer and melt my mind away with Minesweeper...I could actually use my mind playing the Brain Age game that comes with the Nintendo DS Lite!! I could definately use my 'extra' time (like there is any) sharpening my mental abilities!!

I grew up playing games like "Tetris" and "Mario Brothers", you know (insert singing here) do-do-do-dodododo-dodododo-dodo-dodo etc...Oh those were the days...

So, yes, I would be so hip, and cool, and I would love to play it, if I won this awesome Pink Nintendo DS Lite with the Brain Age game.

If I could pry it out of my kids (or hubby's) hands!!!

(thanks crazy hip blog mamas for having an awesome site!!)