Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's not as bad as it looks...

I am so tired today. Our phone rang around 430 this morning adn hubby missed the call. There was a message asking for a large double double and not to forget the coffee. He thought maybe it was someone from work. He went back to bed. The phone rang again and he missed it again, around 5am. Then it rang again around 545. He finally answered the phone and it was his friend, who has moved to Australia, calling for hubby's brothers phone number. He had to just share with hubby though that he was wearing shorts and flip flops right now!! He also asked hubby if we would ever consider moving to Australia...hubby said he wasn't sure, that is when I rolled over and answered loudly "In a HEARTBEAT"!! I can dream, right?

Anyway, we had an electrician come in, just to give us a quote. We had called a bunch of people and this guy was the first who could come.

He came in, looked at the light fixture where the water came through and fiddled a bit with the wires, then went to the fuse box and fiddled a bit there, and we have light again. When we took the light down, to clean up the water, hubby put the cap back on, but didn't know to keep the wires seperate. Every time hubby tried a new fuse, it would short again. So, the electrician just seperated them and it was fine. We learned a huge lesson here!

It only cost us $75, which isn't so bad. I was expecting a whole lot more. I asked him what it would cost, approximately to replace our knob and tube and he quoted 7000-10,000. Yeah, we will just knock that price off the selling price of the house. Not going to replace it. I showed him the bathroom outlet and asked about that...apparently the way it is set up is illegal!! I didn't know that!! The people who lived here before us did the wiring themselves, I am guessing. They wanted an outlet in the bathroom, so they put in an outlet box and ran a power cord through the wall into our bedroom. If we want power in the bathroom, we ahve to plug the cord into our bedroom. He said it would cost around $250 to put a new outlet in the bathroom, but his advice is to just cut the cord and cover the hole in the bathroom...which is what we will do!!

I am relieved. I was really thinking that it would cost us a fortune. This guy was nice and we would definately use him again. So, my day is off to a great start!! Today we are finishing up the living room, cleaning under the couch and chair, and organizing the kids bookshelf.

Oh yeah, and I guess my snowflakes look like t's falling in certain browsers...now that we have some real snow, I think I will take them out...I am cold enough!!
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. I'm so glad your electrical problem was easily fixed. I always get nervous when I have to call a service man for something like electric or plumbing. Things seem to have a way of costing way too much! $75 wasn't too bad.

    And hey - if you go to Australia, take me, too!