Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More on Insurance and Wills

About my will...we have none, I know we really need a will. I have a really hard time deciding where my kids would go. My parents are too old, well, they are not old, but it would be a huge burden on them. They may not be around at that point too...

So, I have 3 siblings and, let me be careful here;-) (in case they read...)

I want my kids to continue growing up in our church, or at least in our faith. None of my siblings are where we are at with this area...maybe one day they will be, but they are not right now. Hubby's siblings are not either.

So, how do you pick someone other then family for your kids...and explain to your family that this is your decision. No offense, right?

How do we ask friends if they would be willing to take on 4 more kids? I don't think my kids are 'bad' kids, and I think they would be well behaved (or at least I hope they would be well behaved) but it seems like such a burden to put onto another family. Ahhhh.....this is what I don't like. Is another option when our oldest is 18, for him to be guardian? Is that allowed?

Onto insurance, I don't necessarily agree with my moms reasoning about insurance, her point is to think about what you want it for. People put themselves through school with no help from parents, it is possible, and minimum funeral costs are 10, 000. She doesn't like the idea of 'giving away' her money. With whole life, it belongs to her until the end.

Lisa said something that I thought of last night. If we have our insurance right now, and buy into a whole life policy for ourselves, for 10,000. Would that be worth it? Then when we live to be older then 75;) (as I am planning on) then at least there is something to bury us with. I thought it would be worth it, so it is nice to know that there are other people out there who do that.

Anyhow, I still think that we are going to go ahead with the extra insurance for now and work on some sort of will...


  1. I know exactly what you are saying.

    We are the guardians of a couple different families kids, not necessary biological family either they want their offspring to remain in the church model that we are in. I have these same thoughts myself. I think no matter how it is worded, some family member will be offended but you have to do what's in your heart and what you feel is best for your kids.

  2. Hey again, I think the only way to tell your family is to be honest with them. They might get upset, be offended by your decision but being honest is the best way to work through this. Surely your family would understand that you want what's best for your children... they know you're Christians and have some understanding of your faith and the way you are raising your children??? Besides, they would making the same decision for their wills and their guardianship.

    And gosh, darn it !!! Leave your family financially comfortable. If something happened to G, I would be able to pay off all our debt and not have to work for at least a year...everyone needs grieving time and a time of transition... but eventually I would have to go back to work and that's ok with me. Of course we both plan on LIVING LONG AND LIVING STRONG!

    I mentioned that we've changed our guardianship 3 times. It all came down to the changes taking place in our life. Who you ask now may change in 10 years.

    And yes your oldest can become guardian at 18 but would you really want to do that? Just when their life is getting started as an adult, the responsibility of children can become a great burden.

    Pray about your decision, ask the Lord who you should approach and then be open and honest with the couple you talk to. If they say no, which they might, move onto the next person until you find the right fit.

    G and I still have to sit down with the guardians and explain the division of property, the money available to them for child support and how much money is to be put in trust until each child is 21. I have perfect confidence this family will fulfill our wishes and most of all, love our children.


  3. Dave and I do not have wills, but we have made it a goal to get that done this year. I'm not much help with the life insurance thing...I'm not even sure of the details of the plan we have!

  4. sounds like you are making a right decision and I am sure that you will with who to leave your kids too.