Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Well, we have talked to our real estate agent about us wanting to move. We are ready. We have to set up an appointment to find out what mortgage we will qualify for first, then we can start to look and think about putting our house on the market.

In the meantime, we need to work on decluttering the house and getting it ready to show. I want to do this ahead of time so we are not rushing around at the last minute finishing things. So, I typed up a list of things that we need to do, we went room to room and wrote down everything. Yup, there are 2 pages worth of work to do, but hopefully it shouldn't take us too long. We are starting in the front hallway and working our way through. We broke up the living/dining room into pieces to break it down better.

I have a hard time knowing where to start at stuff like this. I know we have to get rid of a lot of stuff, our local freecycle will be inundated with giveaways!! We are starting by giving away our cubby shelf in the hallway. It was useful for us, until the kids grew up a bit more, and now that I have stopped doing daycare. I am trying to think about people looking at the house, the shelf fits pretty good, but I think the hallway will look nicer without anything else there. Will are going to have to clean out the back hallway closet so we can hang our coats back there eventually, so we don't clutter up the hallway.

My kids are all keen to help, cause they want to move. So, the list that I made has jobs that they can help with too, without them being huge!! I just hope that I can get through this stuff, and if we don't qualify for a bigger mortgage, then at least my house will be clutter free, right?

I am so eager to do this, but I still have a hard time looking at the big picture and being overwhelmed...


  1. The trick for me is completeing one room at a time and then moving onto the next. I find that if I clean a little from each room it feels like I've done nothing. I have to finish one room in its entirety.

  2. We ended up renting a storage facility for our last move since we were near to bursting out of our last house. We had a lot of stuff we wanted to keep, but was cluttering up the place, so it was a good solution.

    Good luck to you! It's a lot of work, but it sounds like you've got some great helpers there.