Friday, January 26, 2007


Yesterday I woke up sooooo sick. It sucked, cause I was watching my sisters kids too. My big kids looked after all the little ones while I rested on the couch and ran to the bathroom..yuck. I was really upset on Wednesday about the mortgage thing amongst other things that were going on in the house, and I binged on junk food.

I have been doing SparkPeople for just over 2 weeks now and have been very careful about what has gone in my mouth, so when I ate 4 cheese slices and 3 pieces of bologna and a cup of root system was not used to that anymore and I think that is why I was so sick yesterday. I am never going to do that to myself again.

Hubby and I talked about the mortgage and what we would like to do, I think our best course of action is to stay put. We know what we want and we need to be patient and believe that it will be provided to us, in the right timing. We are going to work, little by little on fixing up the house (I have set a goal to finish the bathroom by next Saturday, Feb. 3) and get ourselves out of debt. Then we want to start some kind of high interest savings, not sure yet what kind, and work on saving enough money that with the sale of our house and our savings, we have a 25% down payment for the house that we really want. It means we are going to have to smarten up even more with our money, stick closer to the budget and decide whether some things are worth doing or not. If we have 25%, Shash said that we won't need to deal with CMHC which is even better.

In the money area this year, we have been doing awesome already. We now have jars on our fridge, one is for tithes and offering, one is for spending and one is for groceries. We no longer pay for stuff with our bank card (except gas for the van), and once the jar is empty that is it, until the next pay. So, the other night, when I didn't feel like cooking, I told hubby that we had coupons for subs and why don't we just have that for supper instead. He looked at how much money was in the jar and said that he didn't want to spend that money on subs. So, we cooked supper instead...but last night, I was so sick and couldn't cook anything, so he went out and bought pizza for supper. I didn't get to eat any of it...that was the first time in 2.5 weeks that we have eaten out. So, we have been working hard on the money thing.

At work yesterday hubby was rewarded for no accidents and no unexcused absences with a $75 gift certificate to a new chinese restaurant in town. He was so excited, because he wanted to check out this place but heard it was fairly expensive, so now we get to go, and it costs nothing!!

Anyhow, I am going to try to eat some breakfast. Gonna run.


  1. Bologna and cheese slices with Root Beer? That makes me nauseous just reading about it...

    I'm so glad you've taken a postive step forward. We've been through this and when we bought our house we did it with 25% down. It was impossible for us but God provided miraculously!

    This bump in the road is only a stepping stone. Keep your focus and you'll get where you want to be.

  2. Way to go Hubby with the GC that is awesome! I hope that you feel better soon.

    I know that by waiting on God's time that you will get your hearts desires. God will provide for you and you will be amazed when it happens.

  3. Wisdom is a great thing, sounds like you are walking in it!

  4. Oh, I'm sorry you got so sick! That's not fun at all!
    But I I agree with what lala's world said...sounds like you are walking in wisdom with your finances, ect. God is going to bless you, I'm sure!

  5. That sounds awful. That was quite a combination of food though. Isn't it amazing how our bodies react when we've actually tried to eat right for a while? Keep it up.