Friday, January 05, 2007

What Next??

Uh, huh...

So, I forgot about not turning on the dining room light. I am not feeling well, whatever the kids had has made it's way to the top, meanig both hubby and I are sick...yuck:( In my moment of sickness, I lost my memory.

Yup, I went to turn on the light and every single, other light on the main floor went out. Hubby checked the fuse and that was not the problem. He headed up to bed early, cause he has to work tomorrow, even though he is sick...we need the money...he went to set the alarm clock and take a guess...yup, no power is coming into the outlets on the right side of the house.

So, tomorrow, while I am sick and not feeling well, and while trying to declutter, which I have a good start on, I will also be phoning electricians to get a free estimate on fixing our little problem. I am worried that it is all knob and tube wiring and we will need to replace it all. I hope that if we do, it will bring up the value of the house somewhat, then it will be worth it, right?

We have decided where we are moving to. It is a little town just 45 minutes away from where we are now. Hubby and I have been talking about moving here for quite a while, going on 5 years now. We decided that now is the right time. Before, it was me not having a license that was holding us back, now that I have started the process, it is more feasible. I have researched the town, which is not so small anymore, and there are great community programs, AWANA, places for Mr. Hockey to get a job in a few more years.

It is building up even more right now, and I think it may become a 'bedroom' town to where we live now. Which could mean that when and if we want to sell later on, people will be interested. We are both very excited to be moving there, and the kids are excited too. So far, we have cleaned out and reorganized the front hallway. It doesn't sound like much, but it is just about done. Only 2 more pegs needed for the coat rack and it can be crossed off the list.

My mom said that she would sort through the 2 big boxes I had under my desk and clean them out. She is good at that stuff and sometimes it is easier to let someone else decide what should be kept or not. I haven't gone into those boxes for months, so the stuff can't be that important, right? I have already gotten rid of quite a few things, between freecycle and the garbage. My desk is almost cleared off, then I am getting a smaller, more 'minimal' looking desk. It will fit better for showing the house, I think. I am also getting rid of my file cabinet and getting a 4 drawer one. That way I can clear off the bookcase and keep the kids school work and curriculum in 2 of the drawers and my stuff in the other 2. I am also moving our wall unit to my mothers house and just getting some kind of a television stand, that is small and 'minimal' for it instead.

Our rooms are fairly small, so I want them to look big, and I think it means getting smaller furniture, am I right? Who knows, oh well. I will be parting with my not-so-white couches and finding something smaller, that fits better.

I am so excited now about this, sorry for rambling...I guess you will hear lots of what is going on over here in the next few weeks/months!!

Gonna run and take some medicine and lay down...feeling drowsy again.


  1. oh sorry to hear that you are sick! but the move sounds good! it always feels good to declutter and just when you get the house the way you want move! murphy's law!

  2. Hope you are feeling better real soon! I'm still trying to declutter- our move is now just 7 days away. The town you want to move to sounds like a nice place!

  3. Sorry you are's sure no fun! The electrical doesn't sound fun either, sorry! I don't much like the process of moving, all the lifting and cleaning and phone calls etc to get things hooked up and stopped and all that, but I do love to start over in a new place. I like having gotton rid of a bunch and finding new homes for things, and arranging everything! Oh well, guess I am just weird.
    Hope you both are feeling better soon!

  4. Here's tip: Hanging mirrors can make a room look bigger. Perhaps you could replace some of your wall art or pictures with large mirrors?

    I watched a lot of "Sell This House" on A&E when we were putting ours on the market. They really do offer some good tips, too.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. We're sick at this house too, it's not a lot of fun! I'll find out who we've used for electricians, the church uses the same one, George something or other... I'll call you later with it. Keep pressing forward, it will all be worth it in the end!