Monday, February 26, 2007

...and it flowed freely

Yesterday me and the girls headed out to church while Pete took Mr. Hockey to the walk in clinic. He woke up not feeling well and I thought it would be best to deal with any problems immediately, with me just getting over strep throat last week and all.

After church, they came to pick us up and he is fine. There is nothing wrong with him, just a bit of a cold and today he is 100% better.

Cheryl was planning on going out to lunch at Caseys, cause the kids eat free on Sundays, she invited us and we figured we may as well. So, our family, her family and 2 teens from the church came. We had ordered everyones meals and Pooky had just about finished her chocolate milk and she started crying. She was tired and so I picked her up and rocked her, trying to get her to go to sleep.

She drifted off, or so I had thought and all of a sudden I felt this warm sensation down my back. Um, yeah, Pete had taken Cutie Pie to the bathroom and I just froze when I realized that Pooky had just puke down my back and onto the floor.

I am not a puke person. I don't know if people believe me when I say that, but I really am not a person to deal with puke. That is Pete's job... I just sat there, I wasn't sure what to do, should I get up and walk out the front door so if she throws up again, we are out of the restaurant? What if we are walking out and she starts puking again in the middle of the restaurant? Should I try to get her to the washroom? Should I just snuggle her into me and if she throws up oh well?

Yeah, I am not the puke dealing parent at all. So, I just sat there and cuddled her into my chest. She threw up again. Now a normal person may have turned her towards the floor, but I was so embarassed that I just let her throw up all over me. I am not a puke dealing person.

I felt bad about the mess that was left there, but I had to get out of the restaurant, so Pete came back and put my jacket on, Cheryl had passed me some paper towels and I stuffed them inside my jacket so I didn't have to smell the puke and he drove me and Pooky home. I sat in the back of the van and held Petes hard hat for Pooky to puke in just in case. We got in and I went straight to the shower and then got her cleaned up while Pete went back to the restaurant to get the other kids and our food.

In my 11 years of having kids, I have never been puked on. I have been spit up on and little tiny messes, but never full out puked on. We have also never had our kids puke in public before. Yes, we have made it 11 years without that ever being a problem, so you can understand why I just froze, right?

Yeah, all for a few free meals...


  1. Oh! I'm sorry she is sick and I'm sorry you got puked on. Ick! I'm sort of amazed it hadn't happened sooner, though. I only have one child and just about every time she has ever puked, it has been on me. It hasn't happened in public, though. I think you handled it well. Something about puke makes me freeze, too.

  2. oh gross, I don't handle it well either, mostly cuz when I smell it I puke too....I make J clean it up, he even cleans mine! hope she is better today!

  3. I am SOOOOOO NOT a puke person either. As soon as I hear the kids do the throat noise -- I call for Dave!!! I get so sick when I smell it that I end up throwing up too. Not a good scene!!

    I think the only kid to puke in public was Q. He was around 15 or 16 months, I was pregnant with Emma. He threw up the entire flight home from BC - big chunks.

    The joys of children!!!

  4. Oh my, hope Pooky is feeling better.

    I babysat a baby (he practically lived at our house) who was projectile. He was allergic to a lot of formulas, and had eczema because of it. He would puke on a regular basis. Since then puke has not been such a problem.

    I just got shivers thinking about the warmness going down my back. I would have froze too.