Thursday, February 15, 2007

This Weekend - EDITED to explain the cake

My 2 big kids are gone now. They are heading over to Quebec to do some skiing and skating and the ice slides in Hull. My mom usually takes them once a year in Feb. and they always look forward to it. It doesn't mean that we won't be busy here though, we are teaching Missions Sunday at church this week (Australia/New Zealand) and then Cutie Pies birthday party after church.

Yeah, I know her birthday is in December, but really, who wants to go to a party right before or after Christmas? So I thought February was a good month this year. Who knows, maybe next year we will start half birthdays and have it in June instead...

We are going to have a craft party, not just dinky little crafts, something worth keeping. I had seen the birthday flyer for Michaels craft store and there was a cool gumball machine that can be made out of terra cotta flower pots and a plastic ball of some sort. I am going to head to the store with Cheryl on Saturday to get the supplie for it.

Cutie Pie requested that we have ice cream cone cakes again. She really loves those and they are so easy, you just scoop your cake mix into the bottom of a flat cone and bake them on a cookie sheet. So easy, then the kids can decorate their cake themselves. Low maintenance for me!!

EDITED: Ok, for the cake, you need the flat bottomed ice cream cones, 1 per child. A box of cake mix (or from scratch if you are so inclined...) and a cookie sheet. Stand each cone upright on the cookie sheet and mix up the cak mix. Scoop the cake mixture into the cones, about half full and then bake them in the oven like muffins. Then the kids get to decorate with icing and candies and they eat the cone like an ice cream cone, only it is just cake. Other years we have just skipped the ice cream altogether, though sometimes we have just done it on the side.

We haven't booked a B&B to go to yet, I think the Little Lake is the one we will choose though. Hubby tried to get the Friday off work so we could check in ontime, and his request was denied. They told him to put a request in for leaving work at 12pm instead and said he would probably get it. So we are going to wait to book until we see for sure when he can get the day off. He was supposed to book holidays in October, for the year, but he hadn't made it past his probation, so they didn't tell him that. People have booked days off way, way back. We are wanting to take a trip to Cuba this year too, we were thinking November (after the rainy season) but we will have to find out if there is a week free or not. If not, I guess we will wait until February or so, next year, which wouldn't be horrible, I would hopefully have lost my weight by then!!

Anyhow, I am gonna sign out now, and work on cleaning up around here for the weekend. Also thinking of surprising Princess with her room cleaned and organized when she gets home (I have to figure out when we are going to do all this!!)



  1. ok... explain the icecream cake process, that sounds interesting...

  2. Those cakes sound great! I think I'm going to have to use that idea sometime.

  3. Thanks for explaining it to me... that sounds like a lot of fun.

    I'm going to try that sometime... I love cake!!! especially chocolate with chocolate icing!!!

  4. Hi Ruth

    What are the missions in Australia/NZ? Intriguing to think we may be thought of as a missions destination!

  5. those ice cream cakes sounds like such a great idea!! hope you get to go to Cuba! and the B&B!

  6. I was hoping to have Keri there on Sunday - giving her a mic and asking her to help lead worship. Ask Sharon - I'm serious.

    I hope they have a great trip.

  7. Kiwi Ruth -

    Each month we have a leadership training times in various countries, we focus on the one happening at the time of missions sunday. This particular week is Australia/New Zealand because that is where the leaders of the group we relate to is, having a week of meetings and praying for their nation.

    Plus it's getting our kids to focus on another country outside of North America. They learn about cultural differences, language and even get to experience a taste of that homeland. Then they all face the direction of that country and declare God's best and His hand over that nation.

    Missions isn't always about a 3rd world country -- every nation needs God and we are trying to open our kids eyes to the bigger picture.

  8. Half birthdays sound like fun! I love the cone-cakes but have never made them myself. It sounds like fun.

    I LOVE the slideshow. Struggles - lol!